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Sony A7R III: B&H has Shipped, but UPS Seems to Have Lost Mine and Many Others

See my Nikon wish list.

Snow is a particularly challenging subject for a Bayer matrix sensor, so I have a keen interest in seeing how well Sony’s pixel shift works (and hoping like heck that Adobe supports it soon so that I do not have to deal with Sony software).

Pixel shift with my best lenses for Sony (Zeiss Loxia and Zeiss Batis) ought to be stunning, particular applying both pixel shift and focus stacking.

UPS screwups

UPDATE @ 4 Dec 13:52: UPS found the package. Due to arrive tomorrow Dec 5 by 15:00 PST.


I expected the Sony A7R III to arrive last Friday. The next morning, I had planned to head to the mountains for some cold weather shooting near snowline., along with the Fujifilm GFX and Nikon D850.

But UPS has lost my A7R III and those of many other buyers. Here it is Sunday Dec 3 at 10 AM PST, and UPS still claims it does not have the package yet it should have been delivered 2 days ago on Friday.

A friend sees the same issue—we should both have had the A7R III last Friday. I've also received emails emails from others. Moreover this is the 3rd UPS screwup for me in 2 months, like losing my Nikon D850, plus users at dpreview are seeing similar issues.

All that said, I do hold B&H Photo responsible for poor customer service: they should be working overtime to figure out the issue and notify affected customers.

Sony A7R II shipped yesterday according to B&H Photo, but UPS doesn’t have the package yet
Sony A7R II shipping Nov 30

This is the 3rd time that UPS has screwed up deliveries in two months losing my Nikon D850 for days back in October for example. But maybe it is a B&H screwup this time. Both mine and my friend’s camera were overnight delivery and users at dpreview are seeing similar delays. I called UPS and their system says that a label has been generated, but that they do not have the package. Which means at the earliest they could ship it Monday, for Tuesday arrival. Why does America operate on an anachronistic 5 day work schedule?

Nick C writes:

UPS in the NYC area is a mess at the moment. I have 2 packages, shipped overnight by another vendor on Wednesday, will only get one delivered on Monday instead of Thursday, while the other is still not even showing as picked up by UPS even though it was picked up. I’m sure B&H is innocent in this matter.

Reader Tom S writes:

On November 29 B&H said they were shipping the camera via UPS and provided a shipping label. I am experiencing the same issue as you described - although my tracking number doesn’t indicate an arrival date or a current location. B&H says it is a UPS problem.

I have the Fujifilm GFX + new 45mm f/2.8 in hand as well, and the fixed (hopefully) Nikon D850 as well.

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Storing 42/45/50/100 megapixel raw files

You’ll need a high capacity camera card like the Sony 256 XQD for the Nikon D850, or a high-capacity SDXC card for the Fujifilm GFX or Sony A7R III. Using pixel shift on the Sony quadruples storage requirements.

CLICK TO VIEW: High Capacity Storage Cards

I bought two 12TB drives and two of the empty OWC Mercury Elite Pro enclosures for travel use; I want to be able to take all my images with me on the road now as well as have more backups of work I cannot replace or backup better until I am home.

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Sony A7R II

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Sony a7R IVA Mirrorless Camera
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