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Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for Nikon D850: Two Choices, Including One-Piece Ultralight

See my Nikon wish list and get Nikon D850 at B&H Photo.

The about $180 Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for Nikon D850 is now on the Nikon D850. Generally my cameras wear their L plates permanently. Fit and finish are superb as usual, and one benefit perhaps not readily noted is that the L bracket reduces wear and tear on the camera too.

Now available in December 2017 the about $140 BD850-L Ultralight Plate for Nikon D850 is shipping also—more info and pictures further towards the bottom of this post. RRS is churning them out as fast as they can, so they are currently backordered by a week or two.

Get D850-UL plate for Nikon D850 or D850-L set for Nikon D850 at Really Right Stuff.

Really Right Stuff L-bracket for Nikon D850

As of 20 September 2017, Really Right Stuff says:

We are in full-swing production and cranking them out as fast as we can. The first batch should be shipping out this week, depending on what time we get them in from our supplier. However, we have many back-orders for the plate and we are shipping them out in the same order that we received the preorders. If someone places a pre-order today, it could be as much as few weeks before it will be fulfilled.

Its design includes the nice touch of a built-in allen wrench in the bottom plate, so one can take it off or put it on quickly, without having to remember to carry an allen wrench.

Like all L brackets, the dovetail allows the camera to be instantly mounted into a compatible clamp in either portrait or landscape mode—no flopping the tripod head.

I like L brackets for another reason: the bottom and left side of the camera are protected from scrapes and dings. I almost never take the L bracket off my cameras. Most models allow just the base plate portion, in case the “L” is not desired for some reason, but in general I recommend the full L-bracket approach.

Really Right Stuff offers a very wide range of L brackets for just about all brands and models (I use their plates on all my cameras, as well as my favorite tripod, the TVC-24L). The RRS camera plate designs are almost always optimized/customized for each camera for a perfect fit, sturdy and robust yet with minimized weight.

Really Right Stuff L-bracket for Nikon D850
Really Right Stuff L-bracket for Nikon D850

BD850-L Ultralight Plate for Nikon D850

Below, the ultralight plate is a single piece. Since I am not a video shooter and leave the L-bracket on my cameras pretty much permanently, I’m going to switch to this ultralight plate just as soon as I get one (by mid December or so). I don’t mind saving 2.5 ounces of weight either.

Really Right Stuff BD850-L Ultralight Plate for Nikon D850
Really Right Stuff BD850-L Ultralight Plate for Nikon D850

Ed F writes on Really Right Stuff:

I have been using RRS since my Nikon D3 days. I do not hesitate to purchase their plates, tripods and accessories to use in my photography. Once purchased, their equipment has marched with me around lakes, oceans, cities, airfields and landscapes assisting in my image making. I find the equipment bullet proof to the elements and adapts to my situational needs quickly and without compromise. In a nutshell RRS gear is always dependably rugged and enables my photography by minimizing missed shots due to camera and vibration shake.

I am writing to note that after I snagged one of the first D850’s, I went to RRS for an L plate. Unfortunately they were still in design stage. I needed a temporary L bracket solution, and ordered on Sept 14th, the 3 legged thing QR11-LC universal L-Bracket. Its quality and performance is adequate but never instilled confidence in me.

As a long time reader, I read your blog updates about the RRS L bracket D850 progress. I originally ordered the RRS D850-L Set thru B&H. However, I cancelled my order on Sept. 25 when I learned of the new ultralight L bracket. I then ordered the D850-UL plate on October 26th and have just received the ultralight plate on December 1st.

The wait for this plate has been about three months since my D850 was delivered. While other third party plates have been available, nothing really compares to RRS gear. I am confident that my camera body will be protected on two sides, and my camera can be locked and loaded on my Arca-Swiss Cube and TVC-24L legs and handle any of the 4 seasons and elements that are in my future image making.

All the best and thanks for all your articles which assist us in our photography.

DIGLLOYD: I’ve also used RRS for longer than I can remember. The wait is frustrating sometimes, but when you see how their gear is made with huge machines that strip away aluminum from solid blocks, you’ll understand why backlogs occur—there is a limit to how many parts can be made each day. Perhaps RRS will acquire more machines, but they might need a 2nd facility to do so as they are very large.

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