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RawDigger and FastRawViewer Support Sony A7R III 'ARQ' Pixel Shift Files, 25% Off Both Programs

RawDigger and FastRawViewer both now support Sony A7R III 'ARQ' pixel shift files (in beta version, soon to be final, available for download).

I’ve been recommending RawDigger for some time now as it is the best program for assessing how I’m executing on exposure. It’s also good for assessing raw image quality; see for example Sony 11+7 Bit File Format: Gapping as well as yesterday’s post Sony A7R III: Compressed Raw Gapping, which used RawDigger for the histograms.

RawDigger is the best tool available for anyone looking to hone their exposure technique aka ETTR. Highly recommended, indeed RawDigger is mandatory for the serious shooter.

FastRawViewer really is *fast* for those who need to quickly scan and sort images.

FastRawViewer and RawDigger are on sale till January 01, 2017, with 25% discounts on single products and all bundles:

Below—is this image underexposed in the shadows? Overexposed in the highlights? How would you know (the camera won’t tell you correctly). RawDigger histogram will show you the answer. Below, the images are being viewed in FastRawViewer for another purpose.

FastRawViewer main window
RawDigger histogram showing perfect exposure with spike of small intense brigth area

Tom R writes:

I had some “challenges” with Raw Digger and the Sony a7r3 and wound up contacting the Raw Digger folks for some guidance.

The result was superb. Iliah Borg got back to me incredibly quickly, was patient and helpful and got me to a successful solution in less than a day.

DIGLLOYD: The RawDigger team has terrific support.

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