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Morning Snowstorm follows Gorgeous Evening Sunset at Canyons Overlook, Zion National Park

It never hurts to stick around when a snowstorm threatens. I love a fresh snow but often gates are locked and I can’t get in. Not so today. I woke up to ~3 inches of snow on the van and a relatively balmy 36°F inside.

I’m hanging around to see what light opens up on the Kolob Canyons peaks in Zion National Park. The roads are risky for driving anyway. I just love my Mercedes Sprinter photography adventure van—just as comfortable as at home and with aggressive BF Goodrich K02 all-terrain tires and 4 wheel drive with high clearance, this snow can be a foot deep for all I care. I just wish they had not plowed the road—it encourages visitors!

Update 11:50 AM: the snow continues to accumulate, although the road is now plowed and open. There is a steady stream of visitors getting a thrill from the snow.

Kolob Canyons road just after dawn, Zion National Park
f1.8 @ 1/120 sec, ISO 25; 2018-04-20 07:17:57
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus back dual camera 3.99mm f/1.8 @ 28mm equiv (4mm)

[low-res image for bot]
Mercedes Sprinter at Kolob Canyons overlook, mid-morning Zion National Park
f2.8 @ 1/560 sec, ISO 80; 2018-04-20 10:35:42 [panorama]
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus back camera 6.6mm f/2.8 @ 57mm equiv (6.6mm)

[low-res image for bot]
Clearing snowstorm, Kolob Canyons, Zion National Park
f2.8 @ 1/1050 sec, ISO 20; 2018-04-20 13:57:00
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus 6.6 mm f/2.8

[low-res image for bot]

Yesterday, I went out late in the day after a whole day of gray clouds. Of course, that is when the sun broke out! But I got some nice panos; see Cycling Zion National Park: Eastern Side, Main Canyon, Kolob Canyons. The gray clouds presaged the snowstorm, above.

The sun breaks through gray clouds for a gorgeous sunset, Kolob Canyons, Zion National Park
f1.8 @ 1/1000 sec, ISO 25; 2018-04-19 19:21:17 [panorama]
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus back camera 3.99mm f/1.8 @ 28mm equiv (4mm)

[low-res image for bot]
Lloyd at Kolob Canyons overlook, Zion National Park
f1.8 @ 1/500 sec, ISO 20; 2018-04-19 18:59:54
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus back dual camera 3.99mm f/1.8 @ 28mm equiv (4mm)

[low-res image for bot]

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