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When it Rains, it Pours: Server Issues Delay Email and Website Updates, Blown-Off Steering Hose in Sprinter

I am deleting all emails over 64K that are sent to me, so please do not send anything other than very small plain text emails. Response to subscriptions likely to be delayed. Reasons follow below.


When it rains, it pours, so they say. Only it has been up to 109°F while traveling (Las Vegas).

I had some lingering physical issues from my bike crash that needed addressing: mashed ribs impairing breathing on the right side of my chest, twisted torso (partly from mashed ribs on the right side), and a few other things. That took me 6 days including travel time of a day each way. Much better now, it was time well spent.

Returning towards home yesterday, the power steering hose of my Mercedes Sprinter blew off deep into Wyman Canyon, dumping all power steering fluid across the lower half of the radiator (smells nice too). And eliminating all planned shooting for then and today and tomorrow. I manhandled the Sprinter out of the canyon (quite a workout!) and back from Deep Springs area on Hwy 168 over to Big Pine, then to Bishop. Two hours to determine what kind of power steering fluid to use, and then two grubby hours under the Sprinter underbody getting the hose back on trying to avoid burns, this time with some stainless steel screw camps instead of the toy spring clamp that was on the hose. But the manual did not state how much steering fluid was needed and I could only buy 24 oz of it—half of what is needed. The steering worked again but sounded awful and no more was available in Bishop. This morning I drove to Mammoth Lakes and got a liter of Pentosin Hydraulic Fluid CHF11S (after many phone calls to find the right kind). But I overfilled not knowing the capacity and bled it out with rolled paper towels which took half an hour. Then I headed to Mercedes of Reno (3.5 hour drive with 4 road-work delays) to have my work checked out (better than stock, I think), and the fluid flushed/swapped with official. And while I am at it, a screw clamp on the top hose and 20K service, a bit early at 17K miles, but might as well drive away with confidence.

Well, it’s still raining.

For the past 3 days, my mail and git servers have been almost unusable; these run on a high speed wireless link and are not in the server room along with the web server. It turns out that newly-planted and very fast growing redwood trees* (up to 10 feet in a year) grew just enough in the past months and recently spurted even more, so as to nearly obliterate the wireless signal, rendering my ability to access my mail or git servers nearly zero. I’ll be moving those servers into the server room along with the web server, but this will take a few days.

* Redwood trees grow fast, and my neighbors, knowing exactly their prior Eucalyptus trees were wrecking my signal (I offered to help pay for removal), promptly planted and amply watered very large redwood trees in the same place after removing the Eucalyptus—the same neighbors with that multi-lingual “we welcome everyone” sign out front (meaning undocumented people, I guess)—but it seems that they do not consider neighbors. Though they are within their legal rights of course. Well the redwoods are growing like weeds now.

Bottom line: I am over in Reno with my Mercedes Sprinter being worked on (Merceces of Reno is terrific, very helpful on short notice!) and minimal ability to update my web content or even get email. Almost inoperable, so I apologize for delays in responding to emails or subscrptions. I have material to publish but yesterday I could not even read my email so posting images is problematic. A bit better luck today—I’ll see how it goes.

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