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Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light: Great in My Sprinter Van, iPhone Controls it, My Daughter Loves It

Get Luxli Cello at B&H Photo.

Really Right Stuff TFA-01 Pocket Pod

This is a repost to include my daughter’s delight.

My heading-to-college daughter saw the Luxli Cello and thought it was awesome and begged me for one. So I got her one for college and she just loves it. Since it can be controlled in myriad ways via an iPhone, it dovetails with what kids love these days. It has various modes too.

The only catch: it is best used on a small tripod; then it can sit on a desk and be pointed in just about any direction. One option (first class solution) is the Really Right Stuff TFA-01 ULTRA Pocket Pod. A mounting plate is also needed, to screw into the base of the Luxli Cello.

More info (original post)

Home late yesterday after a grueling 210 miles, tonight I just tried the about $399 Luxli Cello tonight in my Mercedes Sprinter photography adventure van. It’s way cool and fills several needs I’ve had since I got my van:

  • It offers an enormous array of color combinations, but my favorite is pure red, which does not wreck night vision or trigger the anti-sleep reflex as does bluish light. And yet, a college student might run it on blue or bluish to help stay awake.
  • It is designed with a CRI (color rendering index) of 95 and TLCI of 97, so it can be used for still or video photography for accurate color rendition, coming with a hot-shoe mount (and tripod mount). And yet it can reproduce a myriad of other colors as well.
  • I’ve been looking for a remote-controllable red light source that will light up the van interior nice and bright for night-time, something that won’t disturb my night vision—the red mode does that very nicely over a soothing just barely there for night-time to quite bright
  • From outside the van I can turn on light inside the van using my iPhone. Very nice when hauling a few 5-pound trout and a fishing pole and a pack and camera.
  • Since it is battery powered with a standard (and included) Sony NPF battery, it can be used indoors or outdoors and mounted on a tripod also.

My daughter (heading to college this fall), is begging me to get one for her. Maybe I will—her flute performance today was magnificent, drawing a stream of compliments.


Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light,
app for iPhone to control the unit remotely
  • 10" 176 RGBAW LED Light , 176 LEDs
  • Photometrics: 111.49 fc / 1199.63 lux at 3' / .91 m
  • Adjustable Full Color Light
  • iOS/Android App Control via Bluetooth
  • White Mode: Standard Bicolor Operation
  • RGB Mode: Select Color from RGB Wheel
  • Filter Mode: Colored Gel Sampling
  • Discreet Dimming and Color Knobs
  • 100 to 0% Brightness Dimming
  • 1/4"-20 Mounting Thread (with removable insert for 3/16")
  • CRI 95, TLCI 97
  • power: AC Adapter, External Battery, or 7 to 15V DC at 2 amps 24 watts max
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 3.6 x 0.8" / 24.1 x 9.1 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 13.2 oz / 374 g

As for photography, I’ll be putting it to use soon. See also the ProtoMachines LED8 Full Color Photography Light.

Attach a plate from Really Right Stuff and mount the Luxli Cello on a tripod, such as the Really Right Stuff TFA-01 ULTRA Pocket Pod.

Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light mounted on Really Right Stuff TFA-01 ULTRA Pocket Pod, deep red at 1% brightness
Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light mounted on Really Right Stuff TFA-01 ULTRA Pocket Pod
Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light, overview of appearance

The picture below is missing one thing: the Luxli Cello has a nice quality rear LCD also, to control the light without the app.

Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light, rear view
Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light, front view
Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light, app for iPhone to control the unit remotely

Michael Erlewine writes:

Do you know if the Luxli Cello comes with an AC adapter?

DIGLLOYD: It come with battery and charger for the Sony NPF battery. Oddly the specs say "AC Adapter", but I don’t recall there being one; I think this is the AC adapter for the charger, not a direct AC to DC power brick. But I am away from home and I’ll check when back.

There are a bunch of these DC input cables for the Luxli Cello, many of which work off of various photograph standard connectors, but I’m not seeing a direct AC to DC adapter. From what I can tell, the required DC plug is a 2.1mm DC barrel plug. If that’s correct, then the WAGAN 5 Amp AC to 12 V DC Power Adapter should do the trick. The specs are silent on the DC connector but it look right.

Michael Erlewine suggests that the Fujia Appliance 12V AC Power Supply might work. My concern there is that its max power output only 24W, which is what the Luxli Cello will draw at full power. In theory that’s enough (exactly), but reliability and other issues (buzz?) are potential concerns. Michael is going to try it out and also customer service at Gradus Group (Luxli part of that) states:

Thank you for contacting Luxli. We do not make a power supply for the Cello currently. However, the DC input will take a 2.1mm 7-15V power supply. Any power supply that matches these specs will work, such as : Fujia Appliance 12V AC Power Supply).

I run it off 12V DC in my van directly from 12V socket adapters with came with other products, so the DC input is more or less generic (7-15V). Both plugs work; any standard DC input from 7-15V so a simple AC power brick should do the trick, it just needs the right plug to go into the DC input.

DC input plug for Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Light, right-angle plug is a closer fit (preferred)
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