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Nikon Z7 Review in Progress in the Mountains

See my Sony mirrorless wishlist and Nikon mirrorless wishlist and Canon mirrorless wishlist.

My review of the Nikon Z7 is underway—I just came down from the mountains to get a cell signal and post a bunch of stuff—see previous posts. My apologies to subscribers who had a delayed response.

Not everything with the Nikon Z7 is ideal (I’ll be detailing a few things), but it is as close to perfect as any mirrorless camera I’ve ever used. Kudos to Nikon for releasing a “v1” camera and kicking some serious butt. The Sony A7R III feels crummy compared to the Z7; I know which one I want to use; the thing just works right and fits right and Nikon has preserved the feel of the D850 within the limits of the new body size. An 'A' to Nikon, would be 'A+' if, alas, the Z7 had not omitted Eye AF.

Below, yesterday’s snowstorm surely whited-out this area—glad I saw it 2 days ago! It is very cold today, got down to 24°F last night at 10000 ft near Saddlebag Lake.

Color (quaking aspen) is turning at the 7000' level.

All is well except one thing: some loser POS didn’t like how I parked (WTF?), so he vandalized my driver’s side window with a Sharpie. I don’t know how to remove the vandalism—definitely does not rub off with water or not. Makes me want a concealed carry permit.

More to come...

I’m heading back up and may be off the internet for a few days again. For bandwidth reasons, I am deleting all large emails so please do not send me image files or similar.

Lloyd selfie near Upper Conness Lake
f11 @ 1/20 sec, ISO 64; 2018-10-05 17:34:53
[location “Cliff above lower Connness Lakes”, altitude 10400 ft / 3170 m, 38°F / 3°C]
NIKON Z7 + Nikon NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S @ 24mm

[low-res image for bot]

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