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Nikon Z7 Has a Serious Behavioral Problem: Buttons go Unresponsive, Screen Blinks and Blinks

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I take back my “Kudos to Nikon for shipping the product tested, not foisting testing on users” praise—this is ridiculous.

Buttons and screen go whacko

This one is much more serious as there seems to be no workaround other than waiting and hoping. Even pulling the battery did not work. Symptoms includes:

  • A recalcitrant Menu button which goes unresponsive. Press it 3/4/5/10 times and nothing happens.
  • 10 to 20 seconds later, the menus appear! Then the screen blinks off and back on, and repeats. I think this is once per Menu button press but maybe not, because the display kept blinking. Or, maybe I just pressed Menu more times than I thought.
  • Other rear buttons also go unresponsive so it may be a general issue. But since I press Menu a lot, I would thus tend to see the issue that way.

I’ve found no solution to this issue other than waiting a minute or two. It seems to go away on its own, but when and why I have not determined. Since the symptoms returned even after pulling and reinserting the battery, there is a major Loose Screw in the Nikon Z7.

EVF/rear display switch fails

For a period of about 10 minutes, I could not get the auto-switch feature to work (switching between the EVF and the rear LCD). I worked around this by manually using one or the other with the button on the left side of the EVF hump. Possibly this was a bit of condensation inside the EVF area (condensed water vapor from perspiration from carrying the camera near my body perhaps). Still, my Sony A7R III has never had such an issue.

Roland L writes:

I just experienced the same problem.

One day later it stopped working completely and I thought it might be an issue with condensation (just like you assumed)… but even after more than 24 hours in room temperature the problem persisted until I tried the cleaning stunt with a cotton swab.

I just had to clean the little notch above the EVF and the automatic switch between EVF and display works again!

DIGLLOYD: good to know. In my case, it stopped working for a sbort while, then worked again and did not fail again, so it doesn’t seem like a cleaning issue—probably condensation in my case.

Nikon Z7

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