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Reader Question: Nikon Z7 or Canon EOS R for Portraits?

See my Nikon mirrorless wishlist and Canon mirrorless wishlist.

Josh T writes:

I have a budget for one camera to use for both landscapes and portraits, with a priority on portraits.

I'm interested in even your tentative/casual thoughts on how much better the Canon EOS R is than the Nikon Z7 in capturing sharp portraits (I am not interested in learning Sony's cumbersome system).

I presume the Canon EOS R has a higher hit rate (given that it actually has an Eye AF function), but if it's not much better, I won't be tempted to buy it over a Nikon Z6/7. Thanks for your time. I have enjoyed being a subscriber to your Mirrorless content and plan to expand to Making Sharp Images later this year.

DIGLLOYD: given the fantastic performance of the Canon RF 50/1.2L USM, I'd go with Canon EOS R if portraits are the priority. Also, the 50/1.2L focuses incredibly accurately even under very very low light.

The Canon RF 50/1.2L USM makes a darn fine landscape lens also, the issue being eating the cost of the Canon EOS R until a higher resolution body appears.

Nikon has nothing but consumer grade lenses as yet for the Z7, a terribly slow release schedule for new lenses, and no Eye AF, so I just cannot recommend it for portraits at this time since I consider hit rate key, and the Canon RF 50/1.2L is a world-class optic.

Canon EOS R and Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM
   + ???
Nikon Z7

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