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Upgrade the memory of your 2020 iMac up to 128GB
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Thunderbolt 4 Dock

Thunderbolt 4 hub and ports!

Any Mac with Thunderbolt 3.

Apple MacBook Pro 16.2" M1 Max 64GB/4TB

Most Powerful MacBook Pro ever!.

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Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L Aperture Series @ 34mm: Mosaic (Canon EOS R)

See my Canon mirrorless wishlist.

See also the 28mm series and 50mm series and 70mm series. This completes my evaluation on this subject matter.

This series evaluates the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L at 34mm at medium-far distance on the 30-megapixel Canon EOS R on a planar subject. This subject is a very demanding test in that the extremely fine detail in a planar (flat) subject is merciless to lenses showing field curvature and/or weak in the outer zones.

Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L Aperture Series @ 34mm: Mosaic (Canon EOS R)

Includes images up to full camera resolution from f/2 through f/11.

The about $2999 Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L is easily the finest mid-range zoom I have ever used. It is a must-have for the Canon mirrorless shooter.

f2.8 @ 1/250 sec, ISO 100; 2019-02-17 08:26:58
Canon EOS R + Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM @ 34mm RAW: LACA corrected

[low-res image for bot]

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Voigtlander Nokton 21mm f/1.4 Aspherical Lens for Sony E
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