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Panasonic S1R: Magnified Live View with its Gorgeous High-Res EVF = Total FAIL

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When I see a 100% failure rate that destroys a night’s work, I get pissed off.

Which is what happened late last night when I reviewed focusing accuracy for my images from four f/1.4 and f/2 Leica M/Zeiss ZM lenses shot that evening. “Pretty close” is 100% useless for my work—and demonstrably inferior to what I obtained with the pathetic low-res Leica M240 EVF shot side by side with the S1R.

Panasonic S1R: Magnified Live View is Fundamentally Flawed

A firmware fix would address the issue, but who knows if that will ever happen.

Peter K writes:

So I read you have the same [bad] experience as I had with LEICA M-glass mounted on the new PANASONIC DC-S1R...something is strange with the ‘Gorgeous” High-Res EVF of the PANASONIC DC-S1R.

When I checked my files for focus accuracy I saw that a lot of my picture were not spot-on. And I am sure that Focus-Peaking told me that my subjects were in focus. Working with a LEICA M10 with a Visoflex I have nearly 100% perfect results [and I know focus is more critical with a higher megapixel camera!] Focus-Peaking with the LEICA M10 with a Visoflex works wonderful. Even better with the same lens mounted onto a LEICA SL! The viewfinder of the LEICA SL has a higher resolution than the Visoflex, but maybe this is the problem?

.Of course I do not know how Panasonic makes Focus-Peaking technical working. But something goes strange if I see the [different] results I have got with the Panasonic DC-S1R compared to the LEICA M10 [and LEICA SL].

DIGLLOYD: as I don’t use focus peaking (not quite good enough for critical work in my experience) I cannot say, but I can say that Panasonic has screwed the pooch for magnified Live View in general.

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