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Panasonic S1R Multi-Shot High-Res Mode: the Largest Advance in Image Quality in a Decade?

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I went out to do some motion assessment studies with the Panasonic S1R Multi-Shot High-Res mode, both Mode 1 and Mode 2. Finishing up, I took the shot below, which turned out to be so compelling that I’m showing it first.

Is Multi-Shot High-Res mode 2 a partial or total 'win' or something else? Is moderate subject motion an issue?

What are the real differences in the field at f/8 (where diffraction is a serious factor for HighRes mode), given that f/5.6 really is not enough depth of field for many real images, and f/11 mostly obliterates gains in HighRes mode*?

* Depth of field at 187 megapixels is two stops less on a per-pixel basis (e.g., in terms of resolving to the pixel level, f/11 is needed for 187MP pixels versus f/5.6 for 47 megapixels). And yet, f/11 obliterates most of the extra detail in Multi-Shot High-Res mode due to diffraction.

And the $50K judgment call: is this as good as a 100 megapixel medium format camera, in terms of detail, pixel quality, noise? For 1/10 the cost it certainly bears looking into.

This page looks at a detailed outdoor shot at f/8 which includes motion that would render the pixel shift mode of Pentax an Sony unusable by awful checkerboarding. But here, the Panasonic S1R Multi-Shot High-Res mode 2 is used. In diglloyd L-Mount Mirrorless:

Panasonic S1R: Standard vs Multi-Shot High-Res Mode (Moots by Creek)

Includes HighRes and StdRes images up to 125 megapixels along with numerous crops.

I’d say that Nikon and Canon and Sony have some catching up to do. Dang! Ever see noise effectively ZERO, undetectable to the eye? Multi-Shot High-Res mode is essentially ISO 6.25.

How does an Easton XC90 carbon fiber rim just decide to bulge out after sitting around for a few years at 5 PSI? Shame on Easton for a shitty defective product—I’m pissed off that the wheel is now unrideable—warranty long gone.

f8 @ 1.0 sec Multi-Shot HighRes, ISO 50; 2019-04-13 18:34:44
Panasonic S1R + Zeiss Milvus 35mm f/1.4

[low-res image for bot]

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