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Off Topic: Longer Term CBD Experience

Preface—I post health-related issues from time to time, because this results in direct benefit to some readers, which is always a goal, photography or otherwise—skip such posts if you object. Judging by positive feedback, they’re nice intermission once in a while. Most such posts are health posts at

Everyone ought to read about an emerging danger in The Fungus that Can Kill You—Candida Auris Spreading and Very Hard to Decontaminate.

CBD — real merit, but also hype and quality concerns

CBD (cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive hemp compound) is all the rage, which means the world is now filled with bogus claims and charlatans, and low quality or even dangerous product. The dumbest thing is food infused with CBD—CBD is expensive and the digestive tract metabolizes away 2/3 or so of it so it’s just a waste to eat it—see CBD (Cannabidiol): How to Use/Apply.

The smart move is sticking only with lab-tested brands grown organically*. I’ve read the independent lab reports for NuLeafNaturals CBD (use code diglloyd20 for 20% off every day) and asked many questions of the company both in phone and email. I have satisfied myself that they are the up and up, and so I use their product exclusively.

* Any concentrated extract such as CBD carries the risk of concentrating contamination also.

More experience with CBD

I am not a doctor, and none of what follows is medical advice! Consult your own doctor before using CBD.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD
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Get 30% off NuLeafNaturals CBD through April 21 using code 3DAYS30. Remember and use code diglloyd20 for 20% off every day of the year.

Last year I wrote about how CBD helped my asthma by keeping small airway spasms down in CBD (Cannabidiol)—Eliminated My Small Airway Impairment (Asthma). A number of readers wrote to confirm that NuLeaf Naturals CBD was the real deal, and helped them.

Here is some followup on what I think works for me with CBD.

Small airway impairment (asthma)

I’ve concluded that CBD is effective for some but not all types of small-airway bronchospasms, and not a substitute for an inhaler for rapid-onset issues. However, I use my prescription asthma inhaler far less than before.

Heavy breathing while exercising in cold air can cause exercise-induced asthma—has been an issue for me for years. CBD might damp-down the issue, but it’s not a solution when it happens—the inhaler is still needed though it too is not fully effective.

Where CBD really seems to help is when there are ongoing environmental insults such as bad air, pollen, etc. I’ve concluded that CBD moderates things so that days where I notice impairment are both fewer and less noticeable. The allergy season is picking up big time, so this year should be a tough test of that theory.

Back pain

I have a lower back pain that comes and goes (this might sound odd, but a double century usually eliminates it 80 miles or so into the ride, presumably from blood flow). One particular day while working at the computer, this pain had plagued me half a day to the point of being distracting. I took a triple dose of CBD (about 75 mg) and all pain was gone 30 minutes later and stayed gone that day. It was an experiment, one I will repeat when the need arises. Doctors might scoff, but pain meds are serious business, so I’ll scoff back at the costs and risks.

Hand pain

My elderly father injured his hand and had chronic pain in it for weeks. Being a natural skeptic and frugal too, it’s not easy getting him to try anything and I expected a firm “doesn’t work, won’t buy it again”. But he gave CBD a try and believes it has helped the pain—a ringing endorsement from him. In his case he applied it topically to his hand. So far I have not persuaded him to follow my recommendation of an oral dose also.


There are all sorts of claims out there as to mental health benefits but I think these may be overreaching considerably. Still, I’m going to give the claims of “calming” and “relaxing” some credence based on my experience and my daughter’s—but the effect is mild for me.

The placebo effect

Applies to prescription drugs too, and many marginally beat placebo. If my brain thinks it works, then it works, period.


Each person surely responds differently.

My daughter has a incurable health condition that causes muscle pain and fatigue. She uses it 3 times per day, 10-12 drops = 24mg CBD each dose.

As far as I can tell, 25mg is a better dosing for me, just on the threshold of noticing a relaxing effective, and what I’ve been using for my asthma. I’ll use more if I feel particularly stressed or if asthma creeps up.

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