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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB
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Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 GM

NEW! Available for pre-order.

3 XA Elements, 2 Super ED elements, nano AR II and fluorine coatings, four focusing motors, dust and moisture sealed.

B&H Photo Introduces Payboo Card, Refunds the Sales Tax for Many States — Game Changer for Retailers?

As a small business, I remit sales/use tax every year on out of state purchases. If I were to buy a camera or computer locally or at Amazon, I remit that 9% sales tax immediately—money gone.

Now, if I instead buy it from B&H, the sale tax amount is deducted from the purchase price—an unbeatable value given B&H competitive prices. Plus most of my use tax bill (same amount as sales tax) will go away, the tax already being paid.

B&H Photo loaner gear is crucial to my reviews here—please buy through links on this site, and check out wishlists, top deals and my deal finder page.

B&H changes the online sales model

B&H Photo makes a industry-changing move that builds brand loyalty with its new Payboo credit card, and at least here in California, is equivalent to a 9%+ discount:

Now, with the B&H Payboo Card, save the equivalent to the sales tax you pay on every purchase shipped to eligible states”.

I’d be surprised if this move does not cause other companies to follow. Kudos to B&H for innovating, and I hope they have the margins to make this work and stay financially healthy.

Apply Now for Payboo

B&H Photo Payboo “Save the tax” credit card

The arrangement is a not “points” or saving later, it is instant savings. B&H deserves praise both for this groundbreaking move as well as making it gimmick-free:

What are the B&H Payboo Credit Card benefits?

B&H issues instant Payboo Card Savings on all non-tax-exempt purchases shipped to eligible states paid for with the Payboo Card in the form of a reward concurrently issued and redeemed directly on your order during checkout.

How does the Payboo Card benefit really work?

When you pay for B&H purchases with the Payboo Credit Card, B&H will charge the total of merchandise plus applicable fees and taxes; but we instantly issue and apply a reward on orders made in our SuperStore or shipped to eligible states right in checkout as a form of customer payment. Then, the amount charged to the Payboo Card is net of the benefit applied. \

Am I paying sales tax on my purchase? Do I need to submit anything in my tax filings?

B&H will collect and remit state sales tax in accordance with state sales tax laws and regulations. So, customers do pay required sales tax and do not need to keep track or file anything separately. Is there any limit or cap on the total amount of Payboo Card savings? No. B&H will issue Payboo Card Savings rewards without any upper limit.


B&H Photo sells a wide variety of cameras, lenses, electronics and more, and is an Apple authorized reseller. See my B&H Photo wishlists.

Super easy to apply and use

I applied for and received my Payboo card and had made an order in under 5 minutes.

B&H Photo Payboo card used for order, saves sales tax

B&H letter

Nobody likes to pay sales tax, but everyone must pay sales tax! B&H, and only B&H, has the solution to the sales tax issue.

Tomorrow, May 7th, B&H will be making a game-changing announcement, and as a loyal customer, I’d like you to be privy to some inside information in advance that will change your shopping experience forever.

Nearly one year ago, the Supreme Court ruled that out-of-state retailers must collect sales tax on internet sales. This, of course, included B&H. For 46 years we have been committed to providing unparalleled customer service, and so we began the tedious process of implementing a way to eliminate the impact this ruling would have on our customers.

We are now ready to launch “Payboo”, the solution to the sales-tax challenge. Tune in tomorrow for details on how to become a part of “Payboo”!

I know you have many shopping choices for creative gear and consumer electronics, but with “Payboo”, there will only be one best choice: B&H!

I look forward to a continued great business relationship and remember, at B&H, the customer always comes first. That’s why we’ve created “Payboo” to solve the sales tax impact for you.


Menashe Horowitz CEO

DIGLLOYD: should be interesting to see how it goes. I wish B&H the best, but I wonder how other vendors will response.

Sergey Z writes:

While it is, admittedly, very exciting to expect to avoid paying the Socialist California 9% tax on stuff we buy often and for a lot of money, I think this is a very short-sighted improvement. Akin to the idea of taking Warren Buffet's money and re-distributing it evenly to everyone. In both cases, you get a short-term monetary gain, but the price is the long-term ruin:

1) If B&H is the only one that adopts this system (which I sure hope is what will happen), it will either go out of business, or simply have to raise their prices to compensate for the delta. The market they are in is pretty efficient, and there are no miracles...

2) Every other internet retailer caves in and adapts this strategy. That will be a major step towards Socialism then -- hidden confiscation, that the government can feel free to ratchet up at will, since consumers will never notice. I mean, consider the difference between:
a) The sales tax doubling overnight today (likely riots)

b) The sales tax doubling overnight when companies comp for it (probably half the country would not even understand this is same as (a), and think: "It's OK, rich B&H will just comp me anyway". Well, admittedly, it's likely the IQ of average B&H customer is higher than populace average, so specifically in case of B&H customers it may not fly, but I think you catch my drift.

DIGLLOYD: when you push on one end of a balloon, the other end bulges—something has to 'give'. If B&H is cutting margins, then it is a bold move. Every year in CA there is another proposal to bump up sales tax for pet projects, but unless the tax diverges for in vs out of state, there is still (so far) enough resistance that we seem to be hovering at 9% sale tax.

Save Big $$$$ on Memory for 2019 Mac Pro

Up to 65% better pricing than Apple

Lloyd recommends 32GB RDIMM modules for most users (more expensive LRDIMMS are for 512GB or more).
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Olympus OM-D E-M1X Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only)
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