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Health: A Year’s Experience Using CBD

I am not a doctor, and none of what follows is medical advice! Consult your own doctor before using CBD. Also be aware of any legal issues, if only police with an attitude.

This short note is an addendum to my April 19 report on my experience with CBD. Please read that post first as well as my other thoughts on CBD for background, as I won’t be repeating that here—and it’s worth reading what readers have to sy also.

Small airway pulmonary function and allergies — best in many years

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I started using CBD in August 2018 after having really bad small airway impairment. I reported in some detail on my experience with CBD in November 2018.

After years of impaired lung function provoked mostly by seasonal allergies (winter and early spring generally not an issue), I noted a striking difference in 2019 which continues to this day.

Basically, I’ve had almost no allergy trouble this year, and my lungs have been functioning better than they have in at least the past seven years. Which is awesome because I have highly atypical lung function (large lungs with very high VO2 Max)*.

Can it be coincidence? My hypothesis is that using CBD for nearly a year has damped-down the inflammatory processes in my body, and that results directly in reduced allergies and reduced small airway reactivity.

I’m 'sold' on CBD. How well it might work for others with inflammatory issues of various kinds I cannot say, but IMO medical science is screwball irresponsible in not looking at this intensely, rather than relying on Big Pharma, whose products did diddly squat for my asthma in 2018.

* When my lungs don’t work well, I am at 75% to 85% of average, when they are working well at least 125% of average for my height/weight. Which makes me just about unbeatable by 99.99% of the population anywhere near my age. I cannot take credit for that—genetics, but I do take credit for hard-core training and it’s why I can ride comfortably to 14252' elevation with a week or so of acclimatization.

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