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Power Outages Continue

I live in 3rd-world country which can’t keep feces off the streets or maintain public health or keep the power on or create a viable policy to incentivize housing, but has billions for a bullet train to nowhere. Also known as California.

28 Oct @ 20:35 : Power was restored today enabling me to make things current, but likely will be cut again, so mail delays may recur, as described below.

29 Oct @ 11:00 : power went off 4 hours ago, running on batteries again, power due for restoration tomorrow.

29 Oct @ 19:00: I have replied to all email and subscriptions that came in as of tonight. Power will be shut off at 10 PM maybe back on tomorrow. My wife says some neighbors had an outdoor fire going with flames high in the air... she called the fire department which shut those jackasses down ASAP. All it takes is one moron to kill people. Or one mentally ill person. Reckless acts like that under these conditions should carry a very unpleasant penalty.


Pacific Gas & Electric may cut power in my home area for up to 48 hours starting today. TBD—the warnings are vague and non-specific but have been happening in California.

While this web site is not affected (housed in tier 1 server room elsewhere), the mail server and git servers may go offline after exhausing their battery backups.

That means that contact emails may be undeliverable for a day or two. I might manually check for subscriptions at PayPal, but I will be forced to do manual responses using some other mail account.

Nor will I be able to update my web sites, with the git server also down.

On my to-do list is re-architecting where/how I do my mail and git servers.

I was going to head home by Monday, but hell, if I cannot have electricity, I might as well stay in the field in my van, where I have a 10 kilowatt battery system in my Sprinter van.

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