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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB
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2019 Apple MacBook Pro with 16" Display: the Single Computer Solution At Last

See also Reader Comments on 2019 MacBook Pro.

I discussed the 2019 Apple MacBook Pro a few days ago in 2019 Apple MacBook Pro with 16" Display.

The more I study the 2019 Apple MacBook Pro, the more I think that it is a great choice for many if not most of us who need both a desktop computer and a travel computer in a single computer—skip the expensive and confusing double-computer thing, with its attendant doubled upgrade and maintenance and file-synchronization hassles.

2019 Apple MacBook Pro 16"

In other words, the addition of an external keyboard and mouse and display for desktop use to the 2019 MacBook Pro gives you a desktop machine (you can even close the lid and just use the external keyboard and display, pretending it really is a desktop computer).

Is it for me? No, because of the setup hassle in my Mercedes Sprinter van — I just use the 2019 iMac 5K for both home and travel. But that’s me; few people have a travel van with a 10 kW battery system to make that work.

The 2019 MacBook Pro 16" model offers the same CPU choices as its 15" sibling, but has up to 64GB memory and a marginally faster GPU option as well as (to my eyes) the best screen I have ever seen in a laptop, really gorgeous. The 64GB memory alone makes it strongly preferred over the 15" model, which maxes out at 32GB.

I look at computers as a 3 year investment. In that regard and if one is willing to lug a 16" MBP around as a travel computer, below are the configurations I recommend for the photographer or videographer standardizing on the one-computer-does-it-all option.

Given the 3+ year assumed working life as the sole computer, the smart move is to consider only models with the top GPU and CPU and 64GB memory.

Thus the only decision factor is the size of the flash drive (SSD), which wisdom suggests should be 4TB or 8TB, with 2TB likely to become a headache during that lifespan, particularly since 4TB vs 2TB is a $600 difference for speed faster than any add-on SSD can deliver.

PLEASE buy using these links if you can; B&H does track sales I send to them. Also, get the B&H Payboo card, which pays sales tax for you—for me that would be a $548 savings here in California on the top-end model.

Stuff you’ll want with it

Here’s the stuff I highly recommend for the 2019 MacBook Pro, much of it for desktop use (some are either/or recommendations).

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