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Memory Upgrades for 2019 Mac Pro - Save Up to 65% vs Factory Costs

Phase One Releases Capture One 20 (formerly Capture One Pro)

The “20” is for the year 2020 (prior C1Pro is v12), Phase One apparently moving to an Adobe style system, ironic but makes sense too.

Naming convention is now simply “Capture One 20”, not “Capture One Pro 20”.

One readers suggests that C1 Pro 20 solves some bugs I’ve been seeing, so I’ve downloaded it and will be using v20 going forward.

See what’s new in Capture On 20.

Thomas Fitzgerald video has a good change summary with a video.

Some surprises I ran into:

  • Shortcuts for Fit to Window and Actual pixels are no longer cmd-0 and cmd-option-0—kind of a crazy discrepancy if you use Photoshop heavily as I do. Fortunately keyboard shortcuts can be fixed/reassigned.
  • I wasted 10 minutes getting nowwhere until I realized that C1 disables everything if the files are on a camera card—and doesn’t indicate what's wrong. It’s also very annoying if I want to do a quick check—files must be copied over first.
  • My floating palette was wiped out and my palette setup was mangled. Not exactly a seamless transition.
  • Export performance is exceptionally inefficient (as algorithmically sorry as it gets)—C1 serially processes files, so I see about one CPU core being used. This is a major performance loss on my 8 core iMac 5K.
  • GPU usage is negligible for most operations. But that is also true of Photoshop.
Capture One 20

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