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Smart Move with COVID-19: Boost Your Immune System with Sleep, Outdoors, Lowering Stress, Eating Well

Beyond self-isolation, boosting your immune system is the smart move with Coronavirus making the rounds, with these things proven scientifically to boost the immune system:

  • Plenty of sleep.
  • Outdoor nature activities.
  • Lowering stress.
  • Eating well (I ate 10 candy bars one day as that's what I was craving, but before and after that it was all very healthy fare, and no, I am not joking!).

I was exhausted for a couple of days, having done Joshua Tree Double Century last weekend (Southern Inyo Double Century the prior weekend), going into it feeling way off my game which cost me at least 30 minutes in ride time, although it was within 2 minutes of my 2019 time (2018 was a different course, but I was under 10 hours). Soloing it (no drafting) as usual. Cannot complain about pulmonary function—superb, but the brutal and cold headwind coming in made a one-hour section take 2+ hours.

But my energy is now back, so I did an easy 3-hour MTB ride today in the lovely snowstorm in the Alabama Hills. You just can’t ask for nicer weather—it’s invigorating and about 1/10 the usual number of visitors makes for an awesome nearly private park. Damn, some days I love life, and that is a serious reward all in itself. My fitness is now back where I want it—good for 10-12 hours at 128 bpm or so heart rate @ ~200 watts—unless I am 'off' as at JT.

I’m in the mood for hot food... Chinese food would be great—Kung Pao prawns would be tasty, but not much chance of that in Lone Pine and now it's 'illegal' with the entire state locked down at shelter-in-place. So tonight it was a bunch of vegetables and Kimchi and beans and some hard-boiled eggs and guacamole and some wine.

Damn the garbage quality of iPhone, which makes me look like I have a skin disease. I have to start carrying my Sony RX100 again.

Relaxing for a minute or so during a 3-hour ride
f1.8 @ 1/1000 sec, ISO 25; 2020-03-19 13:12:00
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus 4.0 mm f/2.8 ENV: altitude 5530 ft / 1686 m

[low-res image for bot]
Snow at Alabama Hills, view to Owens Lake
f2.8 @ 1/1000 sec panorama, ISO 50; 2020-03-19 13:18:00
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus 6.6 mm f/2.8
ENV: Alabama Hills, altitude 5500 ft / 1676 m, 34°F / 1°C

[low-res image for bot]
High States
f1.8 @ 1/1000 sec, ISO 40; 2020-03-19 12:53:29
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus 4.0 mm f/2.8
ENV: Alabama Hills, altitude 5366 ft / 1636 m, 35°F / 1°C

[low-res image for bot]

Not everyone is having a good time; this van burned-out within the past two days. I feel sorry for the former occupants, with ruined trip and loss of something surely dear to them. I assume they are fine, because the front and rear license plates were definitely removed, I suspect with the intent of leaving the mess for others to clean up. I wish them well in health terms, but they ought to take care of their own mess. I never cook inside my van except for boiling water (electric), for several good reasons, this being one of them.

Burned-out van
f1.8 @ 1/1050 sec, ISO 20; 2020-03-19 14:24:00
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus 4.0 mm f/2.8 ENV: altitude 4741 ft / 1445 m

[low-res image for bot]

Spring cleaning after two weeks of van living.

Spring Cleaning after two weeks of van living
f1.8 @ 1/3000 sec, ISO 20; 2020-03-19 11:02:00
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus 4.0 mm f/2.8
ENV: Alabama Hills, altitude 4800 ft / 1463 m, 45°F / 7°C

[low-res image for bot]
Van life at Alabama Hills
f1.8 @ 1/6800 sec panorama, ISO 25; 2020-03-19 10:34:00
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus 4.0 mm f/2.8
ENV: Alabama Hills, altitude 4881 ft / 1488 m, 45°F / 7°C

[low-res image for bot]

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