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Lloyd’s Whacky Morning Travel Tea:

This bizarre combination is so outrageous that I felt I had to try it—and boy is it good! Hey—when traveling and no coffee, you do what you have to.

Eat a lot of fat and you will lose weight—this just keeps happening the more fat I eat. I don’t do Keto, but I trend that way (I need a lot of carbs when I average a “burn” of 1100 KCal/day over the year at moderate to high intensity, this is not feasible on Keto).

About 32 ounces total fluid:

  • Two Yogi Egypitional Licorice tea bags steeped for ~7 minutes.
  • 2/3 or so cup of grass-fed organic whole milk*. (As a rule I do not drink cow's milk, but when I do it is very limited and only grass-fed, for both flavor and health, substitute high quality oatmeal or almond milk instead and increase the olive oil).
  • Two tablespoons first cold-press olive oil.
  • 2/3 scoop caffeinated Tailwind. SKIP this and it's still good. I use it only if I have physical activity planned shortly after.

Stir it all up. The olive olive wants to float which is a bit of a nuisance, but it adds a nice bite with the right oil—I tend towards a rich and robust olive oil for this purpose.

* Science has NEVER proven a proper link between saturated fat or high cholesterol and heart disease. Check out the LYON nurses study showing the opposite of the dogmatic groupthink among doctors, and the ethically corrupt JUPITER study, which was used to justify widespread statin usage. The whole sordid “science” of heart disease and the poison of statins is a huge crock of steaming shit. Indeed, a high fat diet can lower cholesterol, but the medical establishment carefully avoids studies that would threaten the $30 billion statin industry. Side effects are only rarely reported, and basides deformed babies, a 2700% higher risk of polyneuropathy are just two awful issues. A decade or two from now, we will understand how millions were damaged and killed by bad medical advice, just as has already happened from the “low fat ” diet craze which surely caused millions of heart attacks along with obesity and diabetes spikes.

Lloyd’s Whacky Morning Travel Tea Ingredients
Lloyd’s Whacky Morning Travel Tea, served up

Abe H writes:

Egyptian licorice tea is sooo good....I don't ingest caffeine anymore though. Hope you're doing well, Lloyd - I've always enjoyed your blog, and even more-so now in these trying times.

DIGLLOYD: the Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea is caffeine-free, which is why I add the Tailwind. Tailwind is also available non-caffeinated (try Mandarin Orange flavor). Organic Valley Grassmilk is available as 2% low-fat also; substitute more olive oil.

Hydration — Tailwind is an outstanding drink for hydration and electrolytes in general. A 175-pound man will lose at least 1.8 liters (4 pounds) of fluid overnight via persipiration, breathing, urine. I typically lose 2L and as much as 3 liters overnight (6+ pounds) if I’ve had a hard workout and/or if the humidity is low and/or temperature high. These are reliable figures I have determined from years of weighing-in in the morning vs bedtime—see the evening-vs-morning graph. Thus, hydrating in the morning mans taking in half a gallon of fluid.

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