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COVID-19: there is WAY too much Negativity in the Press; Stop Watching Talk Shows for your Mental Health and Get OFF Social Media!

IMO, most of the press is scaring the public to death, promulgating a message of hopelessness and death and unable to say anything positive. Loss of hope deals a severe blow to psychological and physical well being. It is thus unspeakably vicious to continue along these lines.

Stop watching the negative news media. Limit it to at most 15 minutes per day and I mean that literally. Get OFF social media as it is terrible for your mental health.


  • Go outside and take a nice walk (in nature if possible), have sex, or do anything (healthy!) that makes you feel good.
  • Watch comedies on Netflix, and not anything about dire situations.
  • Be kind to others and try to help them—that can make you feel great.
  • Be a leader, doing whatever you can to help wherever you can.
  • Encourage everyone you know to do the same!

IMO, we will see a turning point within two weeks more or less.

Here are my predictions and perspectives.

  • Infection rates will continue to rise and we will see more deaths. We will see certain hospitals overwhelmed, but not most. However, the curve will flatten, which is what matters right now.
  • The sheer genius and heroic efforts of so many people will come to bear: more of everything needed in supply terms will ramp up (masks, ventilators, etc).
  • Within two weeks (maybe one), we will have widespread confirmed efficacy of drugs for treating COVID-19 and death rates will PLUMMET.
  • Within two weeks we will know a LOT more about how to save people and that will greatly reduce the death rate.
  • Doctors and nurses are heroes, putting themselves at risk every day and will continue to do so. They will have more respect than ever when this is over.
  • America is strong, will weather this and come back stronger than ever, leading the charge, and the rest of the world will benefit and also recover well.
  • The $2 trillion or whatever the government is spending will be mostly wasted and have very serious downstream after-effects, but maybe that’s the only way to help those in need, given dysfunctional politicians—so in this case I support it anyway, because there are many vulnerable people out there.
  • The medical supply chain and hopefully many others will come home to America (or at least out of China), since China (the communist Chinese government) has shown itself to be the deadly enemy of all human beings in so many ways (not just COVID-19). Politicians and business leaders who fail to insist on this will be seen as despicable people. Well, that latter point is more hope than prediction.

Take COVID-19 seriously, but be kind to yourself in every way possible.

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