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SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19: Leadership of the WHO is Corrupt and Incompent, Should be Abolished and Replaced

SARS-CoV-2 is the virus; COVID-19 is the disease.
COVID-19: Public Policy MUST be Changed: Facial Coverings should ALWAYS be Worn To Protect Others
COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2): the Tide is Turning for Facial Covering / Mask Official Recommendations

I assume that the vast majority of those working for the WHO are dedicated good people. I think it is an important organization, but its leadership is hurting people and playing politics. Pressure must be brought to bear so that so many good people working at WHO can feel good about their work, do their best work, have their voices heard and feel that it makes a difference based on truth, and they certainly deserve the imrpoved morale that comes from a rigorously honest and fair leadership.

The WHO screwed up badly on Ebola. But that's well behind us.

The WHO is an organization whose actions led to mass death. I am sure there are many excellent scientists in its ranks (and in China and other countries). But that is hardly the point: the leader of the WHO and his cronies are de-facto mass murderers who should suffer the punishment befitting their actions, which formed a deadly public policity leading directly to thousands of unnecessarily deaths and trillions in economic damage. Clearly the WHO is not only incompetent, but actively works to kill people because its primary mission is promulgating propoganda, with saving lives a secondary consideration only when propoganda requirements are fully satisfied.

Disagree? You're welcome to your 'movie', but fuck-up after fuck-up speaks for itself. I’ve followed statements from the WHO since January, and I cannot think of anything that the leadership has done right to improve public health outcomes.

From Lost in Beijing: The Story of the WHO by Lanhee J. Chen:

On Jan. 14, before an official WHO delegation had even visited China, the group parroted Beijing’s ’s claim that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.” Two weeks later, after China had reported more than 4,500 cases of the virus and over 70 people in other countries were sick with it, Mr. Tedros visited China and heaped praise on its leaders for their “transparency.”

... Recall that China waited six weeks after patients first saw symptoms in Wuhan to institute a lockdown there. During this time Chinese authorities censored and punished physicians who tried to sound the alarm, repeatedly denied that the virus could be transmitted between humans, and held a public banquet in Wuhan for tens of thousands of families.

...The WHO finally declared a public-health emergency on Jan. 30, after nearly 10,000 cases of the virus had been confirmed. China’s reported figures rose in early February to more than 17,000 infections and 361 deaths, yet Mr. Tedros rebuked Mr. Trump for restricting travel from China and urged other countries not to follow suit.

...The exchange demonstrates how the WHO prioritizes politics over public health. It has internalized Beijing’s view of Taiwan and seeks to praise China’s leaders at every turn. And at no point during the crisis has the WHO substantively investigated the Chinese regime’s claims about the virus or been transparent about the thinking behind its decisions.

The sordid record continues to this day.

I don’t support “revamping” the WHO in incremental ways, because it is corrupt at the top (leadership). It must be eliminated in name, meaning its functions are very important, but the only way to fix broken organizations is to revamp it at the top levels. I think also that a fresh start with a new name might be a plus—destigmatize it and let all the majority of those working for it take pride in a new and more effective and honest organiation. That is, let all the well meaning staff (the huge majority I assume) join an entirely new organization with a self-governing constitution that mandates severe penalties for pandering to politics intead of public health. Most of the existing structure can probably be kept right in place, so its about lopping off bad leadership and bringing integrity back at the top levels. I would be flabbergasted if most employees of the WHO were not dedicated professionals wanting the very best for the world.

The Chinese Communist Govervnment (CCP) should be shunned for what they are: killers with no respect whatsoever for human rights, pandemic or otherwise. They deserve NO ROLE WHATSOEVER in the civilized world. The Chinese people deserve so much more than the despicable scum who run China today. They deserve a future of individual rights and freedom from oppression.

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