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Upgrade the memory of your 2020 iMac up to 128GB
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Work from Home: Apple MacBook Pro, and What to Get With It

Buyer’s guide pages at B&H: Work-from-home overview page | Live streaming from home | Gaming | Home Life
Buyer’s guide pages at OWC: Work from home essentials

Working from home during COVID 19 for now and maybe a lot longer? Want a portable yet powerful machine that can also plug into things and operate just like a desktop computer?

Please support our site sponsors Other World Computing and B&H Photo as priority vendors using these ads/links. For other stuff, please use this Amazon link @AMAZON.

OWC: What you Need (and Need to Know) to Work From Home Successfully
B&H: Work from home, learn from home, etc

Apple MacBook Pro: Portability and expansion with gorgeous display

See also my Mac wishlist. To avoid throwing away money needlessly on stuff that won’t help you, consult with Lloyd if building a more expensive complex system.

Choose the Apple MacBook Pro when you want a compact expandable machine good for 3+ years. Its expandability is less than a Mac Pro but it few users will ever need more expansion than an iMac 5K provides. And it has a gorgeous display.

The Apple 16" MacBook Pro is my preferred choice, but the 13" models are much easier to carry around. Big CAVEATS: buy the CPU and GPU and memory and internal storage you need/want upfront, because NOTHING internally is upgradeable internally.

You might want an external display and keyboard so that the MBP can be hooked up and function like a desktop (ergonomics of a laptop are awful).

You'll will probably want some additional ports for standard USB-A devices. Get a 1TB internal SSD at a minimum for most users, but 2TB or 4TB is preferred over the long term—way better than having to carry along extra devices externally. But you can always add more externally, as shown below. A range of options is shown here from basic yet excellent, to pro grade.

Connecting a non-Thunderbolt display means you’ll want either the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock or the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dual DisplayPort Adapter (for the Mini DisplayPort). You might also want more USB-A ports.

Additional storage might be needed for large image files, video, etc. At least three backup drives should be used: one always connected for daily or twice-daily backups, and two for off-site storage, safely away from the computer.


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