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Adobe Camera Raw “Super Resolution” Mode Added to Enhance Details — Unacceptable Digital Artifacts

I love the idea, but the new Adobe Camera Raw “Super Resolution” feature in my very first test image shows unlovely digital artifacts.

The SuperRes version suppresses noise much better, but it creates patches of weird artificial checkerboard textures. Nice idea, but use with care if going with the 4X megapixels result.

Of course, these artifacts might not be see on all images, but it looks to me like fine texture is going to be a problem you must be on the lookout for. For problem images, stick with Topaz AI Gigapixel, which has its issues, but is far more sophisticated (and it takes about 1000 times longer to do the scaling).

TIP: if SuperRes mode delivers an image with artifacts, downsample to normal resolution and it will yield improved micro contrast while suppressing the weird artifacts to unnoticeable (usually).

TIP: for distortion correction, process in SuperRes mode, then downsample to normal resolution. This largely eliminates the micro contrast losses from distortion correction.

Toggle to compare the SuperRes version to the standard resolution version upscaled with Preserve Details 2.0.

Tigger thinks it’s all very itchy and scratchy feeling.

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