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2024-03-02 14:17:19
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Reader Comments: Humor vs Reality  — Leica Class Airline Travel

I needed a little humor these days, slowly recovering from a nasty relapse of Long Haul COVID symptoms, if anyone has wondered about why my work has slowed down. It’s hard to work with brain fog and fatigue.

Anyway, it made me laugh!

Courtesy of Roy P.

Clearly, the airline industry is leaving significant money on the table. — Roy P

The best humor rings true. That is, the 64-megapixel Leica S3 body alone costs more than a 100-megapixel Fujifilm GFX100S system with six lenses and accessories. And we’re talking a DSLR (dinosaur) vs a mirrorless camera system here (Fujifilm).

Total cost for a robust Fujifilm medium format system

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