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Fujifilm GFX100S: Conceptually Flawed Design Prevents Many Useful Customizations

UPDATE: I spent 90 minutes shooting tonight... only to discover that the #$#**$*##*$ camera was set to JPEG. A whole shoot trashed. I had set RAW to 16 bit lossless compressed, somehow thinking the other setting was only the JPEG file quality, which I had set to SuperFine, which is blurry crap compared to what I can get in RAW. The designers put RAW at the bottom of a long list of JPEG options, tricking me into thinking that was just the JPEG format (in addition to RAW)... and why is the RAW format and compression settable that way if JPEG is selected? OK, it's my fault, user error, but I've never made such a mistake before in a more sensibly structured menu system.

UPDATE 2: the EVF is total crap compared to the Sony A1—horrible color and contrast tremendously different in Live View vs post-shot review (which still looks crappy). It makes the shooting experience a lot less enjoyable.

I got used to the reasonably sensible Sony A1 menu system, and its ability to put almost anything into the My Menu or Fn menu or custom button. With those three customization facilities, it took me quite a while to figure out the best way to configure everything on the Sony A1, but at least in the end I could have everything I wanted just where I wanted it.

Enter the Fujifilm GFX100S design, which prohibits adding useful settings to My Menu or the Q menu. So you can’t have many things you want, let alone where you want 'em.

For example, Shutter AF, which I toggle on/off often enough requires diving two levels deep and scrolling to. Ditto for IS Mode, which I change frequently.

Set Up => Button/Dial Setting => Shutter AF = On | Off

After wasting my time trying to puzzle-out why I was not seeing what I wanted to add, I realized that Fujifilm is actually disappearing the things I wanted to add to My Menu so they cannot be added. Similarly, some things are disallowed from the Q menu but allowed in My Menu. A balkanized modal design failure. Just let me put my shit where I want it, Fujifilm!!!

Workaround: see Fujifilm GFX100S: Configuring Shutter AF for Flexibility.

The Fujifilm menu designers have made the conceptual error of assuming that Shutter AF and a host of other things are set-and-forget one-time things. Not so! Many such options might differ for a mix of shooting scenarios and thus need to be changed quickly. I’ll quote Roy P here:

Compared to the Olympus E-M1X and the new Sony A1 menus, the Fujifilm menu system looks like the product of a class project in a JAVA programming course at a community college.

Spot on, but it runs a lot deeper: it’s a conceptual design problem. I don’t see much hope for a firmware fix, since the conceptual failure makes the designers blind to the need.

In the end, I could find only 5 things useful to me for the Q menu and/or My Menu, because Fujifilm prohibits so many things from being added. Meanwhile, the choices are littered with a dozen or more JPEG-centric crapware options I will never use.

And why is Shutter AF buried under Set Up => Button/Dial Setting instead of under AF/MF menu when Pre-AF and a variety of other shutter settings are properly found in the AF/MF menu? Many of those things are arguably far more set-and-forget than Shutter AF.

Fujifilm also has stuck to the convoluted setup scheme in which to change My Menu, you don’t go into My Menu to work wit it (as with just about every other camera brand), you must instead burrow into the Set Up submenus.

Major rethinking and reworking of the Fujifilm menu system ought to be done.

CLICK TO VIEW: Fujifilm GFX100S and Lenses

CLICK TO VIEW: Fujifilm GFX100S Essentials

Roy P writes:

It took me 2+ days to get me to navigate through the menu system to bring it a little closer to how I'm used to using my Sony cams!

DIGLLOYD: it took me over an hour, but I had the advantage of having used Fujifilm medium format 4 or 5 times before.

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