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2024-02-22 07:17:07
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What to Cover with the Fujifilm GFX100S?

I’m heading out for 3-4 weeks of field shooting within a few days, with the Fujifilm GFX100S, and the various new Sony and Voigtlander lenses too.

With respect to the Fujifilm GFX100S, I’m in a tight spot as for lenses, having only the Fujifilm GF 50mm f/3.5. I have not been able to get the new Fujifilm GF 80mm f/1.7 and I don’t think I can receive the few GF lenses that are in stock before I leave, since B&H is on holiday. It was kind of a perfect storm of non-availability and timing that I did not anticipate.

UPDATE: a reader generously offered to loan me the GF 80/1.7 and the GF 30/3.5, and they are on their way.

So my question to my Medium Format readers is this: what would be most valuable for me to cover about the Fujifilm GFX100S? I have some ideas of my own of course, but I’m interested in suggestions—send 'em along.

Brian K writes:

I’d like to see what other FF lenses can cover the Fuji Sensor and maintain high quality to the edges/corners.  

I already tested the 135mm APO Sonnar, which you had done as well. And it is great on the Fuji once you stop down a little.

I have the Steelsring Nikon F adapter on order, it provides G and E lens compatibility and should arrive end of this week or early next. I did a preliminary test of the Sigma 40mm ART and 100mm f/1.4E nikkor using the E aperture work around Jim Kasson described, but can’t be sure if the apertures were in fact properly stopped down. The 40mm seemed very promising, the 100mm I was less sure of.

I’ve also tested it with the 80, 100 and 180mm Hasselblad Zeiss lenses, (V series). The 100 and 180 are two of Hasselblad's best and they performed extremely well. My interest in them is to provide the ability to do shift in the field. I intend on fixing the lens and it’s tilt shift adapter in place on the tripod, so the lens perspective does not change, and then shift the camera. This will provide a quick and easy ability to stitch more accurately than when holding the camera still and moving the lens.

I’ve also been testing the GFX with the Fuji view camera shift back with top of the line LF lenses on a Linhof MT3000 field camera. This has resulted in some very high resolution images. With the camera vertical the 3 shot stitch results in a 8256 x 13,697 result with a GFX 50r, and a 11,648 x 19,325 result with the 100s. (113 mp, 225mp) A 3 shot shift stitch is a pretty easy effort.

The non-digital designed LF lenses have a certain look, well resolved, dimensional but not harshly sharp. One thing I notice with the Fuji lenses on the 100s is that when shooting textured surfaces in harsh light the sharpness is almost disturbing, like too much sharpness being applied post exposure. The LF lenses don’t seem to suffer from this.

DIGLLOYD: I covered most of the Zeiss DSLR lenses on Fujifilm medium format back in 2019 in diglloyd Zeiss.

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