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Sony’s Legal Agreement for using Sony Imaging Edge Image Processing Software

Do you really want to have to use Sony’s software for pixel shift, when there is a long laundry list of what information Sony will collect and transmit overseas?


3. Information about your mobile device (e.g., model name, manufacturer’s name, OS version, and language and country/region settings)
4. Information about photographed images you upload to VS, including images transferred from your camera to your mobile device via VS (faces, objects, scenes, etc.) and metadata information such as Exif and XMP, metadata information of the images (shooting date, orientation, focus position information, retouch parameter, etc.), information regarding gallery (layout, font, event name, event date, etc.), information regarding photographer that you add to gallery (nickname, email address, URL, hashtags etc. ), tag/label information added to the pictures by detection functions of VS

What other software makes me agree to this kind of informationn collection? None that I know of. Perhaps some of it is needed for the service itself, but I cannot tell. And if I use the software on my machine, why should I have to agree to this shit at all

I’m not saying there is anything nefarious here, but I am saying that I don’t know how to evaluate it in the contexts I might use the software.


But... the whole thing is moot, as I cannot figure out how to get the Sony Viewer app to even show files on my desktop, let alone process a set of pixel shift file—dragging raw files into the window does not work, dragging a folder does not work, and the browser shows nothing.

UPDATE: silent failures suck—it was a security/permission error.

UPDATE 2: I had dragged some ARW files into Viewer. That POS Sony Viewer actually *moved* the files to a folder in its windows when I dragged from the Finder, silently. This goes beyond confusing to dangerous (data loss). I took me several minutes to find them, not realizing they had been moved.

UPDATE 3: the software interface is the worst designed piece of garbage on the market. But it did generate a 504.1MB ARQ file (unacceptable size, not compressed), which Adobe Photoshop cannot open. No thanks. Why is there a godamn ARQ file and not a compressed DNG anyway? I have zero interest in using this Sony me-too software that dumps me into its backwater bayou. Who in hell wants to break their workflow for stuff that no pro could ever possibly rely on over time?

UPDATE 4: I used Sony Edit to export a TIF from the ARQ file. Sony Edit is not dealing with pixel shift motion artifacts in any acceptable way. Game over.

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