Purchase completed

Your transaction is complete. A receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you by PayPal. Log into your account at paypal.com to view details of the transaction.

Purchases are processed by a human being; it is not automated or instant for your account to be created or updated. See status below. If after 12 hours you have not received a response and status is normal as shown below , please read What to do... below.

Retrieving current order processing status...

Your login information email comes from diglloyd.com. The login credentials are sent to the email associated with your Paypal purchase or for existing accounts, a previously supplied contact email.

For renewals, quit and restart your browser to establish new credentials.

When renewing, if the email address (the one used for PayPal) is a new one, a new account will be created: this account should be merged with the prior one. Please contact us to update your account: include your old email address and prior login info to authenticate.

What to do if you have not received your login information

Common reasons the email response is not received, accounting for 99.9% of the issues:

  1. Spam filter — providers like HotMail, gmail and some corporate email servers are zealous in marking even plain-text email as spam. Check your spam folder. However, some email services with a front-end filter silently throw email away.
  2. Invalid email address — verify that the actual email associated with your Paypal purchase is up to date. Paypal provides no mechanism to contact a buyer, so an invalid email means “radio silence”.
  3. Email provider fault — various reasons: a full email mailbox, or your email provider blocks email from diglloyd.com. We have no way to contact you in this situation.
  4. Spousal email address — check the actual email address associated with the Paypal account/purchase.
  5. Approved senders — If you use an email provider that uses an “approved senders” list, you must allow emails from diglloyd.com to pass. Email service that requires filling out a form and/or agreeing to a legal agreement cannot be used: you will not receive a response. It is your responsibility to provide an unimpaired email address and/or to pre-approve email from diglloyd.com.

If none of these apply, check delivery status above.

If unresolved, please advise via email, including a phone number as a means of contacting you, since a failed email makes it impossible to communicate (sorry, we cannot make international calls).

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