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Leica M Monochrom

Rear LCD Display

The rear LCD displays are discussed on this page. Each screen capture shows the LCD screen for the same image file on the Leica MM.

LCD display quality

The rear LCD is the same as on the Leica M9 — a bargain-bin vintage LCD with crude resolution resulting in a visually coarse look that is clearly visible in these screen shots. It is also difficult to see in adverse lighting. The LCD quality is entirely inappropriate for an $8000 camera, and an indictment of Leica’s judgment with respect to the perception of brand quality. Any $200 point and shoot has a superior LCD.

Furthermore, a monochrome camera deserves a megapixel or better calibrated grayscale LCD; this would be a beautiful thing. As it stands, the MM color LCD shows fine color artifacts (due to its RGB pixels) on what should be a monochrome images, subtly degrading evaluation of the as-shot image over and above the coarse resolution itself.

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