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Coastal Optics 60mm f/4 UV-VIS-IR APO Macro

M240 + Coastal Optics 60mm f/4 UV-VIS-IR APO Macro (Doll)

With Live View and the EVF, the use of alternate lenses becomes feasible—not only possible with perfect composition and framing, but possibly superior performance in some ways, because DSLR lenses extend a ray angle to the sensor for better color. On the flip side, many DSLR lenses are computed assuming a thick sensor cover glass, and this could work against sharpness off-axis. So it all depends.

The Leica M has long been difficult (at best) for macro work, so what better lens to consider for the Leica M240 than a highly corrected true apochromtic macro lens at close range?

Doll at 1:3

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