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Leica M24o (M Type 240)

Usability: Bottom Plate and Tripod Mounting

To mount a camera plate for tripod use, the screw goes through a hole in the base plate and screws into the camera itself. With the Leica M9 and M Monochrom, the screw threads are part of the base plate itself: remove the plate and the camera comes free— very convenient and quick and no tools needed.

To get to the card or battery on the Leica M240, a tripod mounting plate must be unscrewed (using an allen wrench) in order to remove the bottom plate.

Which means that to shoot on a tripod (with a camera plate attached), an allen wrench must be carried to change the battery. This isn’t an academic issue: out in the field it really means carrying an allen wrench and a spare allen wrench for use after the first one drops into the rocks or creek or just lost itself somehow. Or the shot is lost because the battery died and it took to long to swap a new one in. It could also mean losing the base plate or mounting plate or wrench (consider dropping parts into 6 inches of fresh powder (snow), or mud, or water. Joy be with thee whilst backpacking.

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Leica M 240 bottom plage has a hole in it through which camera screw threads are accessed.
A mounting plate thus requires tool to remove the plate in order to access the card and battery
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