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2018-06-24 Working in the Field in Eastern Sierra

2017-12-04 Mounting Cineo Matchbox Lights Magnetically using Really Right Stuff BH-25 Mini Ballhead, eg in Mercedes Sprinter Van

2017-11-22 Cineo Matchbox: Bought 3 of them for my Mercedes Sprinter Photography Adventure Van, Really Right Stuff BH-25 Attaches Them Almost Anywhere

2017-11-05 Good Evening, from 11-6

2017-11-02 Office view

2017-11-01 Warm in Van, Trout Grilled, Killer Weather, Best Fishing Ever, Red Wine... Makes up for the Tough Days

2017-10-13 Nikon D850: Finest Long Exposure DSLR I Have Ever Seen by Leaps and Bounds

2017-10-09 Ad-Hoc Insulating the Sprinter Photography Adventure Van at 17°F + Western Mountaineering Down Cypress GWS Sleeping Bag

2017-10-09 Nikon D850: Downloadable Settings File, Field Notes

2017-10-09 Nikon D850: ISO 31 vs ISO 64 and vs D810

2017-09-30 Off Topic: Carbon Monoxide is a Serious Risk, How to Detect and Prevent so as to Not Wake up Dead

2017-09-17 My Mercedes Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Wiring and Power Now in Place

2017-08-24 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Maiden Voyage Photos, Test-Run Setup, More

2017-08-08 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van by Moonlight, Cineo for Interior Lighting

2017-08-06 Sprinter Van Delivered, Test Trip in Progress

2017-08-01 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Which Mac? Experience Report / Proving it Out

2017-07-21 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project: Computers and Computer Desk

2017-07-16 Reader Comment: Minimizing Power Usage for Travel (or Home)

2017-07-12 Reader Question: Sprinter Van and Rodent Damage (applies to any vehicle)

2017-07-11 Reader Question on Sprinter Van Project

2017-07-09 My Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Project

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