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2018-07-17 Gear for the Mountains

2018-07-17 Mercedes Sprinter Photography Adventure Van Lets Me Work in the Field Just Like Home + Death Ride (Cycling)

2018-07-16 Don’t Slip and Break a Hip: Five Ten 'Camp Four GTX' Hiking and Approach Shoe and/or Winter Shoes Four You?

2018-07-16 P100 / N100 Particulate Respirator Works for Smoke

2018-07-11 Color Shift with Stopping Down, Field Examples at Dusk in Advanced DSLR: Sigma 105mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

2018-06-18 Off Topic: Keep Your Lungs Healthy: Particulate Face Mask

2018-06-14 OWC announces mission with Splash to bring clean water to children

2018-04-25 Off Topic: Vascular Therapy

2018-04-13 Reader Comment on Concussion: “Do Your Job”

2018-04-11 Concussion Progress: a Joyous Breakthrough over-the-hump Day

2018-03-21 Experience Report: Concussion (“Moderate to Severe”) aka Mild Traumatic Brain Injury via a Short Flight at 25 mph into Embankment from Bike

2018-02-09 Update on the 2018 Influenza Virus

2018-01-15 Off Topic Heads Up: 2017/2018 Flu Worst in a Decade or More, Killing Young and Old

2017-10-31 Crossing Icy Slopes: Go Around or Carry Micro Spikes

2017-10-18 Orange Urine

2016-12-03 Water Safety: Steripen Deal vs MSR Guardian, Life Straw

2016-09-12 MSR Guardian Water Purifier in Free Articles: Staying Warm, Dry, Safe

2016-08-09 Sunglasses: Revo Guide S

2015-12-17 Off Topic: Keeping the Pounds Off + Fat Loss, Muscle Mass, Bone Density, Training, BMI, DEXA

2013-09-18 Old Geezers Need an EVF: the Rear LCD and Presbyopia are a Bad Combination For Aging Eyes

2013-08-01 Fine Chocolate

2011-12-31 Matcha Green Tea in Free Articles: Recommended for Health

2011-12-21 LCDVF Digital SLR Viewfinder (for Live View focusing, video, viewing LCD in bright light, presbyopia)

2011-12-10 Viewing The Camera’s LCD — Accuracy and Presbyopia in Free Articles: Viewfinder and LCD Viewing Aids

2011-05-14 Are your sunglasses protecting your eyes? in Free Articles: Recommended for Health

2011-05-14 Sardines for Your Health in Free Articles: Recommended for Health

2010-12-16 Pentax 645D review and examples

2010-03-25 Chocolate for Chocolate Lovers in Free Articles: Recommended for Health

2009-02-05 Presbyopia, bright light and Live View

2007-01-15 Are your sunglasses protecting your eyes?

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