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2015-10-13 Canon PIXMA Pro 100 Photo Printer = 88% OFF

2015-08-07 All Sorts of Printer Deals, Lighting, etc

2014-11-21 An Interview with Ming Thein on His High-Definition “Ultraprint”

2013-12-14 Tulips Brighten My day

2013-09-29 Canon PIXMA Pro-10 Pigment Inks for Archival Longevity

2013-09-20 Baffled by Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Printing Options: Different Between Machines

2013-09-19 Printing with the Canon PIXMA Pro 100

2013-08-02 Sigma DP2 Merrill Tulips Image at 6 Feet Wide by 4 Feet High = Gorgeous

2013-07-24 Can the Sigma DP2 Merrill Print Well at 6 Feet Wide by 4 Feet High?

2013-07-10 Canon Rebates and Printer bundles

2013-07-03 APS-C WOW! Canon EOS-M with 22mm f/2 for $299 (or with 18-55 zoom for $349)

2013-03-16 How Big Can Sigma DP Merrill Print?

2013-03-09 How Big Can Sigma DP Merrill Print?

2013-03-07 Printing on Canvas: Tulips #10

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