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2018-07-06 OWC Mercury Helios FX Thunderbolt 3 Expansion Chassis for PCIe Graphics Cards

2018-06-05 GoPro Hero 6: Zero Protection for front Lens Cover; Shatters in an Instant

2018-04-28 OWC Thunderblade SSD Shipping in All Capacities up to 8TB — Ideal for Video Production and Capture. and/or Silent and High Capacity Photoshop Workflow

2016-02-07 Sony A6300: Oversampling for 4K Video Quality

2016-01-16 More Thoughts on 4K Video + Good 4K is Better than a Movie Theatre

2016-01-16 Movies: 'Revenant' and 'Star Wars: the Farce Awakens'

2016-01-05 Nikon D5 and Nikon D500 Announced: 4K Video, Advanced Autofocus

2015-05-13 Get Vimeo Pro effectively at $150 / 75% off

2015-04-14 BlackMagic Announces Slew of new Video Products

2015-04-14 Whirlwind NAB

2014-12-29 Reviewed: LG 31MU97 31-inch 4K Display

2014-12-03 NEC PA322UHD 32-Inch Professional UltraHD 4K is Here

2014-12-03 Photoshop CC 2014: Display Scaling Broken on 4K Displays (and Retina MacBook Pro)

2014-11-30 Update on LG 31MU97 4K Display

2014-11-28 NEC PA302W 30-inch Display for only $1799 (with Calibration option)

2014-11-24 NEC PA322UHD 32-Inch Professional UltraHD 4K Expected Here Soon

2014-11-20 LG 31MU97 4K Display (4096 X 2160), canceled

2014-11-03 LG 31MU97 4K Display (4096 X 2160) Coming for Review

2014-11-02 Readers Inquire About LG 31MU97 31-inch 4K Display

2014-10-06 NEC to Offer 32-Inch Professional UltraHD 4K Display Soon (PA322UHD)

2014-09-10 4K Video: What I want to See at Photokina is Functional, not Fancy

2014-07-29 Purchased the NEC EA244UHD 4K UltraHD Display

2014-07-02 NEC EA244UHD 4K UltraHD Display

2014-05-28 Storing and Storing Video Footage: Fault Tolerance the Right Way to Go

2014-05-26 Dell UP2414Q 4K UltraHD Display: a Few Glitches

2014-05-25 Dell UP2414Q 4K UltraHD Display: Dimensions vs Image Aspect Ratio

2014-05-24 4K UltraHD Display: Dell UP2414Q

2014-05-24 Dell UP2414Q 4K UltraHD Display on 2013 Mac Pro (Triple Display Setup)

2014-05-17 Safely Recording and Storing Video Footage (and stills): a Few Pointers

2014-05-16 Recording 4K Video on Sony A7s Needs External Support: Atomos Shogun

2014-05-15 Panasonic GH4 4K UltraHD Video: High Performing Lenses

2014-05-14 Transcoding Panasonic GH4 UltraHD 4K Video to 1080p: 2013 Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro and QuickTime

2014-05-13 Thoughts on Panasonic GH4 and GH4 Video Quality vs Sony A7s (Sensor Size)

2014-05-10 Is That Digital Camera Storage Card Reliable for Video or Still Use?

2014-05-10 Panasonic GH4: Video Coverage/Crop and Still Image Quality from Raw or JPEG vs MOV Frames

2014-05-09 4K Video Data Rates, Fault Tolerance, Backup

2014-05-08 Panasonic GH4 Video Quality: Very Low Light Video Quality for 1080p from 4K

2014-05-08 Panasonic GH4 Video Quality: Videos Posted With Comments Plus Derived 1920/2560/3840 Still Images

2014-05-06 Panasonic GH4: 4K Video and SDXC Card Speed

2014-04-27 Panasonic GH4 Now Shipping

2014-04-05 Sony A7s with 4K Video?

2013-01-22 Canon CN-E Cine Lenses

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