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Retina Preferences for diglloyd.com

This site serves “Retina-class” images for high resolution displays such as the Mac Book Pre Retina, iMac 5K, iPhone, iPad, high-res android phones, etc.

Retina grade images are served automatically after the first HTML page is served (a cookie is set so the server can know if the visitor has a retina display).

Retina handling: Retina AUTO (default) | Retina OFF | Retina ON

In some cases it can be desirable to force retina images off or on:

  • Connection speed—retina images are ~3X the size of regular images, hence forcing off retain can be useful for a slow connection.
  • iPhone and similar phones benefit only to a limited extent (depending on screen size and image size relatie to screen orientation). For for faster page-load times, force retina off.
  • Traditional non-retina computer screens look slightly soft with retina-resolution images, so retina images are not advised. But see next point.
  • Users who regularly zoom-up web pages on a non-retina display will find that retina images look sharper and clearer. See previous point.

Let your own eyes be the judge.


Manual toggle for comparison below

The images below can be manually togged to standard/Retina (normally this is automatic, it is done manually here to allow one to see the difference on any display).

Observe that the Retina-resolution image looks worse on a non-Retina screen; it is blurred due to downsampling to screen resolution for display.


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