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Retina Preferences for diglloyd.com

This site can serve up “Retina-class” images for high resolution displays such as the Retina display on Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina display (see review).

Retina-resolution images are implemented for most all diglloyd publications (and usually in the blog, but not always, from bandwidth considerations).

Retina resolution images can be preferred, or not:

  • iPhone and iPad benefit to a certain extent, but Apple iOS resamples both so that original image quality is not preserved.
  • Traditional computer screens can look blurred with retina-resolution images due to web browser scaling limitations. However, zoomed-up web pages look sharper and clearer.
  • A relatively slow internet connection; retina-resolution images are 3-4 times larger, increasing download time substantially.

Logging in for Retina

Retina images are available on blog and articles pages for subscribers that are logged in.

When Retina-resolution images are a win.

Retina-resolution images are gorgeous on the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display or the latest Apple iPad with Retina display.

Display of retina-resolution images is controlled by a browser cookie, so you must use this checkbox for each device (which as of early 2013 means ONLY the MacBook Pro with Retina Display).

Auto Retina enabled on portions of this site already. To force the loading of Retina-grade images* on all devices, check this box:

Always load available Retina-grade images

Uncheck this box to cease receiving Retina-size photos. You might have to refresh your browser.

Use the image below to verify functionality (refresh the page after changing).

Retina-resolution images always look better on a Retina display, but the OS X screen scaling factor of Best for Retina Display will produce the best image quality. See also Retina Resolution with Scaled Images and How to View Images at Full Retina Resolution.

* Some images have no retina-resolution version, especially those in older blog entries.


Manual toggle for comparison below

The images below can be manually togged to standard/Retina (normally this is automatic, it is done manually here to allow one to see the difference on any display).

Observe that the Retina-resolution image looks worse on a non-Retina screen; it is blurred due to downsampling to screen resolution for display.


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