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Programmable LED Lighting for Photography: Lumapad Kickstarter Project

See also using the Lupine Betty for photography.

General comment: the Kickstarter.com funding idea is an enabling technology sure to result in many interesting products over the years to come, because it affords the “little guy” the opportunity to develop an idea and simultaneously test its appeal. Applying the ingenuity of even a tiny fraction of 5 billion human beings in such a manner surely has massive power over time. As well as bringing opportunity to those who might have the brains and motivation, but not the money: the removal of one key barrier.

The Lumapad

Here’s an interesting LED lighting project over on Kickstarter.com, the Lumapad.

8000 Lumen output is SUPER BRIGHT!

With the success of this project, the Lumapad will be one of the brightest LED lights made with all these incredible features. Thirty two (32) ultra bright LEDs are positioned in a landscape array to provide bright, even and controllable lighting on any subject. It is truly unbelievable how bright this thing is even though it draws only 88 watts.

Light any scene with soft, even lighting

A built in electronic dimmer makes the light intensity adjustable to suit any environment. Great for studio and stage lighting, special effects, experimentation or anywhere an ultra-bright 8000 lumen lighting system is needed.


Open Source, Ultra-Bright LED Lumapad with WiFi & Arduino micro controller
Open Source, Ultra-Bright LED Lumapad with WiFi & Arduino micro controller

Cliff L writes:

I wonder how much of the funds raised by the Lumapad Kickstarter project will end up being spent on legal fees? Litepanels holds a fairly broad patent covering the use of LED lighting for photography.


DIGLLOYD: I can’t speak to this in any particular.

Commenting in general— patents play an important role in commerce, but the recent changes in patent law (first to file not first to invent) pretty much lock out the little guy. Another lock-in for established businesses: you can invent something first, but not having the (realistic) $20K or so it takes to file, you get literally be legally prevented from using your own invention. Another obscene moral corruption of the “system”.

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