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2024-03-02 04:22:12
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Setting sun

See also Dec 25 entry. The sun doesn’t always cooperate, but did peek through at the end today. I did not see the “green flash” today, but I have once before.

Pancake Sunset
Nikon D3x + Voigtlander 180/4 APO macro @ f/8

Can you believe the image above has detail in those blacks, and at ISO 800? Noise there is, and quite a bit in the sky too, but the way the D3x handles noise deep into the blacks shows an exceptionally clean signal path, unrivaled in my DSLR experience. Noise is of course noticeably higher per pixel than the 12.1MP D3, but the integrity of the shadow areas is something new and unexpected. I’ll say it again: Nikon took its time, but did it right and this ain’t no repackaged Sony A900 (with all due respect to the A900, an excellent camera).

For those who complained in advance about the D3x pricing before ever having seen or used one: have another beer. (See my Dec 2 commentary). The “what if” I raised then (before ever having laid eyes on the D3x) is indeed the case. It is a stunningly capable camera, Nikon’s very best effort yet.

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