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Photographic consulting services are targeted towards professional photographers, with reduced or job rates available. The general public is also welcome.

Photographic consulting can be specific eg "which 24mm lens is best for camera X?". Or it can be about learning a new skill, like digital infrared. Or it could be about choosing an entire camera system, considering the pluses and minuses.

The best way to see the breadth of experience is to read the blog, free articles, or the Zeiss, DAP or DIP offerings.

Here is a small sampling of areas that can be addressed:

  • Choosing and selecting a camera system/body/lens, tripod/ballhead/support, etc;
  • The best lens choices for a particular camera system, whether it's original equipment or Zeiss or cross-brand;
  • Medium format vs DSLR options;
  • Training on optimal technique, verifying lens quality, etc.
  • Digital infrared, high resolution stitching, HDR, etc.

Broad experience with a huge variety of equipment ensures that you'll get the very best advice and training possible. All of the above can be arranged in the context of a customized photo tour, with special day rates available.

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