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Fujifilm GFX, Hasselblad X1D, Leica S, Pentax 645 and any future medium format offerings.


Research, reviews and how-to covering interchangeable and fixed lens mirrorless cameras.

Lens and camera reviews, research and how-to covering Nikon and Canon DSLR bodies and lenses, along with related gear.

Zeiss ZF.2 and ZE lenses: Sharpness, Color, Bokeh, Brilliance, Usage & Examples for Nikon & Canon DSLRs

Your in-depth guide to the Leica M system, plus the Leica S2 system and select Leica R lenses

The missing manual for your camera: sharpness and blur from technique and optics. Causes and solutions, shooting technique, getting full sharpness from high-res digital.

Monochrome and infrared: concepts, cameras, lenses, filters, examples, exposure & post-processing

Software Licenses

diglloydTools is a suite of three software utilities for the Mac. All three tools are 64-bit applications that support macOS through 10.14 Mojave. More info...

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  • Renew at any time; always additive to any existing term.
  • Must be connected to the internet to read within a web browser (iPad and iPhone via Safari browser).
  • Not an "e-book", not a PDF, not a DVD, not a printed book, not downloadable for off-line reading.
  • Yes, this publishing model is unusual. However, it has worked well for thousands of subscribers for eight years and is well-suited to the ongoing additions, web-oriented format and the gigabytes of high-resolution pictures involved, especially retina-grade images.
  • Updates and additions occur regularly. Follow updates through the blog and/or use the reverse-chronological indices.


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Bundle pricing is offered as an incentive. Exceptions in the short term (up to 2 weeks) can be made. But please take advantage of the bundle pricing, which can be used at any time for new or existing subscribers.

I have Camera X or Lens Y and I want more review coverage, but it’s not there so I want a refund.

This site does not and cannot operate on the basis of meeting personal expectations about when or how much will be covered for any particular gear item. The value of the subscription is evident in its table of contents which can be freely examined prior to purchase. Moreover, value received is about the content, and that is not sensitive to time (e.g. tremendous value can be realized in one day’s reading).

Where can I see examples of your work?

There are hundreds of free pages, years of blog entries, as well as and More than ample material to understand the presentation approach and writing style, though the subscription offerings are much more extensive and more advanced presentations and higher resolution images and crops.

Does subscribing entitle me to personalized advice?

Feedback is welcome, and always answered when presented appropriately. Concise and to-the-point questions about equipment and technique are generally answered. Requests for advice from non-subscribers generally cannot be answered due to heavy email volume , but can be done on a consulting basis.

For tailored advice specific to your particular equipment and shooting computing requirements, consider photographic or computer consulting, a photo tour.

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