Effective date: January 15, 2014
- updated 15 Dec 2015 to clarify that non personally-identifiable information may be collected by third-party advertisers

Who We Are

This privacy policy applies to the websites owned by DIGLLOYD INC (“we”, “us”, “our”) that post this policy, namely diglloyd.com, MacPerformanceGuide.com, and WindInMyFace.com, and related sites (collectively, “Sites”). This policy does not apply to any website that posts a different statement.

Your use of any of these Sites or email contact with us constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this privacy policy as revised from time to time.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy or your personally identifiable information, please contact us via email at privacy@diglloyd.com.

Or via postal mail at:

3130 Alpine Road, #288-256
Portola Valley, CA 94028

What Information We Collect, How We Get It and How We Use It

User Entry—Most of the information we collect that could personally identify you (“Personally Identifiable Information” as the lawyers call it) is voluntarily entered by you when you request products or services from one or more of our Sites. Examples may include name, username, e-mail address(es), mailing address, phone number or similar information. You may provide us this information when you create a subscription account, sign-up for our newsletter, order a product, engage our consulting services, request a quote or advice, send us a question via email or otherwise contact us. We use this information to respond to your request and/or to provide services to you.

If you are entering another person’s personally identifiable information (e.g., you are purchasing a subscription for your spouse), by doing so you represent and warrant that you have the authority or permission to do so. If someone other than you has entered your personally identifiable information and you wish for us to delete it, please contact us at the address provided above.

For requests where a third-party vendor will provide the requested services or products, we may share this information with the relevant vendor(s) in order to respond to your request (e.g., a quote for a computer upgrade or similar multi-party arrangement).

General email policy

We send email in response to email sent to us and/or to follow up on prior emails. We usually retain all emails received in order to respond appropriately and in context, to interact over time, to better respond to inquiries, etcetera, but reserve the right to delete them at our sole discretion as our business needs and data retention policies may evolve. We do not accept “delete” requests for emails sent to us, for technical reasons.

We reserve the right and will use discretion in quoting email messages, e.g. when we deem it of general interest to readers of the Sites. We may quote some or all the contents of email messages sent by you to us, using your name (as best we can determine, typically first name and last initial) and general location unless the email specifically states “DO NOT QUOTE” in all-caps in the first line of the email body. We may make minor edits to emails for better readability, clarity, or similar reasons.   To these ends, you hereby grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual and transferable license under all rights of intellectual property, privacy, publicity and otherwise to reproduce, distribute, make derivative works from, publicly display and perform and otherwise use any material you submit to us. We DO NOT “unpublish” emails once quoted.

From time to time we might offer discounts, coupons or similar offers via email. Prior to initiating such activity, we will send you email notifying you of your option to opt out.

We may send you email notifying you of changes to this privacy policy, but we are not necessarily required to do so.

Subscriber email policy

“Subscriber” means anyone who purchases or utilizes any of our products or services.

We send email to subscribers in order to provide current and/or updated site access credentials and/or periodic courtesy emails for current or revised site credentials. We do not offer “opt out” for email involving site access credentials because access to subscription content necessarily requires this information.

We send courtesy renewal notices to subscribers on or around and before and after the expiration date of each subscription, generally more than one (typically 2 or 3). Users may “opt-out” of these courtesy email renewal notices by contacting us.

Subscribers may request that a particular contact email be used for these purposes, and may request an alternative username, so long as such requests are reasonable and infrequent. We reserve the right to reject inappropriate requests, e.g., technical limitations, profanity or anything we deem offensive, at our sole discretion.

Site access information

We log and collect and retain technical information such as IP address(es), date and time of access, browser type, login username, page viewing history and similar information via cookies and other automated mechanisms. This information usually does not personally identify you, but it is possible that it could at some point be linked with other personally identifiable information. We use this information for analysis of web site usage patterns, bandwidth utilization and similar analysis, and/or to identify violation of Sites terms of service (e.g. bulk downloading, unauthorized access, inappropriate linking, and similar activities that we deem at our sole discretion to be inappropriate or unwanted).

We also use this information to enhance your user experience, such as display preferences for images, site readability options and similar site options and behaviors.

Sharing Information with Others

We utilize certain third-party entities to help us provide our products and services to you (for example, PayPal for processing payments, MailChimp for managing our newsletter, Twitter for our information feed, Other World Computing for computer service and upgrades), and we may provide your information to these or similar entities (for example, a data storage facility) as reasonably necessary to provide such products and services to you. Some third-party companies will ask you to enter your personally identifiable information directly with them and may provide some or all of that information back to us which we may combine with the information you directly provided us. All third-party use of your information is governed by the privacy policy of the applicable third-party, and we disclaim any and all liability for a third-party’s actions, links, services and products.

Should we undergo a change to our corporate organization (for example, merger, acquisition, financing or other corporate event), we may provide your relevant information to the relevant entity and reserve the right to do so. In rare circumstances, we may need to disclose your information (a) in response to a subpoena or law-enforcement procedure or as we otherwise reasonably believe we are required to do so by law, regulation or governmental authority, (b) to preserve our rights or property, or (c) to protect the personal safety of someone in an emergency, and we reserve the right to do so.

How We Protect Your Personally Identifiable Information

We take reasonable steps to protect your personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. No measure of security is full-proof, so please keep this in mind when deciding the information you choose to provide to us.

We do not encrypt access to Sites.

We do not collect or receive or request or have any visibility to your credit card information. We use third party services (for example, PayPal) for payment processing, and such information resides with those service(s).

We expressly disclaim responsibility for personal information transmitted to us via email or other mechanism while in transit and otherwise (e.g. a pending email for a subscription or any similar activity), including information transmitted to us by third parties such as PayPal.

It is our intent to minimize the personally identifiable information contained on the web server(s) and email server(s) servicing our Sites to that necessary for the user experience on the Site (name, email, login username, subscription status and similar information we deem important to the Site experience). Additional personal information transmitted to us may reside on our servers for a reasonable duration for business purposes in our discretion (e.g., an email notification for a subscription).

We do not encrypt your personal information.

Display of Personally Identifiable Information

Logged-in users have name and username and email displayed on various Site pages, and we reserve the right to display similar information deemed of value to the user experience on Sites.

Users are strongly discouraged from logging in using a public computer, and are advised to promptly erase web browser history and caches, and to quit any and all program(s) used on such computers. We accept no responsibility for such uses.

How to Update, Correct and Manage your Personally Identifiable Information

As part of our security procedures, we do not permit users to access our database, and we minimize the personally identifiable information in it, so we do not offer “change forms” or similar mechanisms. Should you wish to update, correct or otherwise manage any personally identifiable information you have provided through the Sites, please email us at the address listed above.

We do not offer the option to delete or alter any personally identifiable information deemed by us to be reasonably necessary to maintaining a transaction history (e.g., payment for subscriptions). We do not offer the option of deleting emails or similar communications.

Do Not Track Signals

The Sites currently do not support the ability to respond to “Do Not Track” signals that may be emitted from a user’s device.

Third-Party Collection of Personally Identifiable Information

Our Sites do not knowingly permit or facilitate any third-party to collect personally identifiable information about your online activities over time via the Sites. However, Sites use page-hit tracking services such as Google Analytics, and it is possible that such services could obtain information about which we are unaware and/or associate it with other information. We do not control this activity, and we direct you to the privacy controls at services such as Google search. Advertisers on this site may collect non personally identifiable visitation information through ad links or ad clicks (text or images or both) on this site.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics in order to track information on Sites for the purpose of website optimization and assessing general Site usage patterns, areas of interest, etc.

Google Analytics uses cookies and JavaScript code to collect information about visitors. Google Analytics offers an opt-out provision for website visitors who do not want their data to be collected at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. See the Google privacy policy at https://www.google.com/privacy.html.

Google Analytics collects general information about user activity including network location and IP address, type of web browser, software manufacture and version number, type of operating system, screen colors and screen resolution, jvascript support, Adobe Flash version, country, city, state, region, county, or geographic area, hostname and connect speed, time of visit, time spent on each page of the website, pages visited, referring site, website the user came through (URL, for example, clicking on a hyperlink from Zeiss.com), search engine query and which links were clicked on.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Should we decide it is useful or helpful to make changes to this privacy policy, a revised version of the policy will be posted at this location indicating a new effective date. Your continued use of any of the Sites will constitute your acceptance of the revised policy.

Governing Law

We are located in California, U.S.A., we process personally identifiable information within the U.S.A. and this privacy policy will be governed by California law without regard to any conflict of law principles. By using any of the Sites, you consent and submit to the jurisdiction of and within the State of California. To the extent that any term of this privacy policy conflicts with the terms of a written (including electronic) agreement expressly entered into by you and DIGLLOYD INC (e.g., product license or consulting agreement), the terms of such agreement shall govern.

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