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Reader comments on Leica M9 review

I put considerable effort into my M9 review (more coming), because it’s a unique camera and one of great interest to me. Yet finding solid information free of pandering and legitimizers can be just about impossible with any kind of gear today, and I get as frustrated with that. My reviews are not so much reviews as “how to use” and “how to shoot” and all sorts of goodies that took me a lot of hard work to ferret out— distilled down for subscribers, to whom I’m grateful for supporting my efforts.

Unsolicited reader comments on my M9 review in DAP:

I just wanted to add my thanks to the that provided by the others who have applauded your M9 Review. Quite frankly it's the only review on the internet I've encountered thus far that deserves the title "Review" --if we want to be truly honest with ourselves regarding what constitutes a review. I value tremendously the insight you applied, and the fact that, as a reviewer you were both capable and honest. — Jonathan G

That info you posted today on the M9 was extremely helpful! I'm amazed how quickly you were able to post it...thanks for telling it like it is. — Jeff K

Just wanted to drop you a note saying "Thank you" for the most balanced, thorough and detailed review of the M9 I've read anywhere on the web. It is amazing the number of fine points you've unearthed that haven't even been mentioned, let alone covered in even a single review on the web! I am happy to be a subscriber! — Ram V

Holy bejesus... I haven't even made my way past page 3 and my eyeballs are seared... You have to realize that you counter a mountain of crap on other sites, forums, etc. — Dan M

thank you so much for your comprehensive review of the M9 !
None of issues it has was mentioned on other sites, which are all too enthusiastic about this camera. — Rainer M

I found your M-9 review excellent, nobody anywhere has really reported the stuff your report gave...I like lots about the M-9 concept and Leica, but the reviews for Leica usually fall into 2 categories: the toadies, and the ignorant; your review is a new category it is honest, insightful and useful all at the same time. — John M

Thank you for your complete review and keep up the good work. — Peter V

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