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Reader comments on Nikon experiences, 35/1.4G

Readers comments.

From a New York pro, who also has the 35/1.4G, and is not seeing any issues (and I agree that the 35/1.4G is superb optically):

The more test frames I do around the apartment the more impressed I am with the 35mm 1.4G.

The problems you have are very disturbing. Reliable performance is mandatory in pro equipment because your reputation on the line at all times. Imagine out of focus frames of a $10,000 a day model popping up on an art director's large computer screen. Early retirement for sure.

From Jack in Canada (no comment, this is just one reader’s experience):

After reading about your problems with Nikon my decision to dump all new Nikon equipment at considerable loss of money is fully vindicated. Nikon used to be an excellent company, but it is history. Now they are cashing on past glory. All my new lenses had either AF or de-centering problems, but Nikon Mississauga and Melville service centers response were real shockers. Both showed incompetence and the Mississauga also plain dishonesty. This was my worst experience in 50 years of dealing with various brands and service centers. Nikon ratings on some charts mean little, but their manufacturing quality and customer service mean a lot to me.

Nikon Mississauga insisted that it was my D300 body causing the 85/1.8 de-centering due to unspecified, as they called it, - "camera anomaly". This was after their first failed attempt to fix the 85 mm lens and despite pointing out that 2 other lenses were acceptable. This was dishonest since at this time not only the Cust. Service manager, but also technicians fixing the lens were in the loop. Since D300 was bought in US they asked me to pay for adjustment under warranty (Nikon has international policy only covering lenses. They play regional warranty game on bodies of which I was totally unaware). After adjustment all lenses were terrible. I asked and got the refund for body adjustment, but they refused to replace the 85 mm lemon after 2 attempts to fix it and despite its Int'l warranty. They told me to deal with Melville and Oh!, what kind of experience this was including cross boarder shipping!!!!! I also had two of the new 24-70/2.8 samples which Nikon started shipping then (the 1st replacement was worst than the original). After 5 months of waiting Nikon offered to send the 3rd sample. At this time I had enough. also writes about similar experiences. He even made a survey re: customer satisfaction some time ago, but he is very timid and is trying to coach Nikon how to do business which to me is quite entertaining.

I don't have Canon 35/1.4 so I can't comment. All my other lenses, 7 of them including L and ELCheappos (35/2, 50Macro, 85/1.8), focus properly. The 24/1.4 II, which I just sold, was also fine. Canon service, they're also in Mississauga, has been very good so far as well as Acratech who fixed my ball head after 6 years, and still under warranty, just before Xmas.

Anyway, despite all the headaches consider yourself lucky. An ordinary Joe seems to get screwed most of the time.

DIGLLOYD: if nothing else, it shows that Nikon needs to pay more attention to customer satisfaction, and that starts with quality control.

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