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Sony NEX-7: Remote Commander for Alpha Series & NEX Cameras

Sony Remote Commander for
Alpha Series & NEX Cameras controller

Roy P writes:

The Sony Remote Commander for Alpha Series & NEX Cameras controller just arrived. It’s not bad – the unit is about 3.5” long by 1.5” wide by a tad less than 0.5 inches thick, very light.

It has a bunch of controls on it, but most of them work only when the camera is connected to a TV (Menu, play back, delete, etc.) There are only two buttons that work with the camera when it is standalone – a SHUTTER button that clicks the shutter, and a 2 SEC button that releases the shutter after a 2-second delay. Not sure what the use mode is for the latter.

The buttons on the remote control look a little cheap (relative to Sony quality), and the unit does not look like it’s weather proofed. So to use it in the field in damp conditions, it may be a good idea to bring it in a little transparent plastic bag or Seran wrap.

They designed the layout intelligently, by placing the SHUTTER and 2 SEC buttons at the top of the unit, so you can use your thumb of either hand to operate it. The SHUTTER button is towards the edge, so it is easier to click it. I tried with a couple of different gloves on, and I can operate the SHUTTER button without a problem. The 2 SEC button could be a little more problematic to access with a thick glove. But again, I’m not sure under what conditions I might need that.

Oh, BTW – what would be a Japanese camera without this step - you have to go into the MENU, select Camera -> Drive Mode -> Remote Cdr., for the remote control to work. I first thought my unit was DOA, but on a hunch, I called Sony tech support, and a few minutes later, they explained what I had to do to get it to work!

Net-net, worth the $30. If you can think of why you might need a 2-second trigger with a remote control, please let me know.

DIGLLOYD: sounds like a useful tool, but festooned with useless buttons for field field— a toy not a real tool but nonetheless might be useful. I’m sure that Print button will make up for it.

Joseph N writes:

You asked to let you know if there is a use for the 2 sec delay on the Sony remote controller. “If can think of why you might need a 2-second trigger with a remote control, please let me know.”

I am a big fan of SONY Products and use several different types of cameras, Sony and Nikon products. I see the use to be when you point the device at the camera to take an image of yourself, you need time to hide the device. Which web page (url) are you commenting on (if any)?

DIGLLOYD: (I didn’t ask, that was Roy P above). Fair enough. But does make it hard to figure exactly when to not blink or smile or whatever.
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