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The ALLVIEW Camera

The ALLVIEW camera = Any Lens Live View Camera.

I explore the ALLVIEW camera idea in Guide to Leica.

Going forward, Guide to Leica will cover Leica M-mount lenses, regardless of camera body used with them. Accordingly, a slew of new material is now found in Leica Guide, including the first pass at the ALLVIEW camera coverage. See the Guide to Leica chronological index for details.

In the best scenario, we would see a Leica M10 with 36 megapixels, a 3MP EVF, a high-res LCD, and Live View. And the missing hair on top of my head would regrow.

In the meantime, the Sony NEX-7 and NEX-5N are terrific second bodies for Leica M-mount lenses (Leica M, Zeiss ZM, Voigtlander M-mount), or even the primary and only body, at least for longer focal lengths. After all, one can buy 6 or so Sony NEX-7 camera bodies for the price of one Leica M9P. The main issue is the 1.6X crop factor, and that for me means that I absolutely must have the Leica M9, which I do.

I like to invest in lenses as they are good forever, but camera bodies feel like a waste of money, with a better one always a year or two away. If only I had bought every Leica M lens about 4 years back, when they were selling for 1/4 their price now— and to think I sold a 35/2 Summicron for only $1100 back then.

Guide to Leica now also discusses ALLVIEW cameras

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