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Nikon D800 Infrared First Look with Zeiss 25mm f/2.8 IR-Distagon

Nikon D800-IR

Courtesy of, in my hands is Nikon D800-IR:

  • The sensor cover glass is removed and replaced with new glass of appropriate thickness that passes infrared and blocks visible light.
  • The modified camera now “sees” only infrared light starting at around 715nm.
  • Any and all lenses can be used.

This D800 infrared camera is FOR SALE (by It is brand-new, and I’ve been asked to keep the frame counter under 100 frames. If interested, contact me and I’ll forward your request along (I’m not buying because I already have a D800 I might convert soon).

See the diglloyd Guide to Digital Infrared for the various issues that arise with infrared in general, including lens performance, spectral transmission and IR hot spots and flare.

Tthe special Zeiss 25mm f/2.8 IR-Distagon has lens coatings that avoid the hot spot and falloff common with most wide angle lenses, though it is not the sharpest line in infrared (few are).

With a 715nm, false-color images are possible as shown below. One can utilize the RGB color channel differential for a preferred tonality. Of course, it is also possible to attach a more restrictive cutoff filter to the lens such as a B+W 093 infrared filter or similar for deeper infrared. See The Visible Spectrum vs Infrared in Guide to Digital Infrared.

Toggle to see false-color infrared 715nm versus a grayscale rendition.

Nikon D800-IR + Zeiss 25mm f/2.8 IR-Distagon @ f/11

As described in diglloyd Guide to Digital Infrared, the color channels can be swapped if you prefer a blue sky:

Nikon D800-IR + Zeiss 25mm f/2.8 IR-Distagon @ f/11

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