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LED Lighting with High Color Rendering Index (CRI) for Still Photography or Video

Get Lumos LED light at B&H Photo.

I am looking forward to trying out this high-CRI (color rendering index) LED lighting panel from Lumos. Coming on loan is the Lumos 300MK 5600°K unit.

With adjustable brightness and color balance, it looks to be a versatile unit, and it can be battery powered for field use. The 300MK offers 1200 lux at 1 meter; the 500MK 2300 lux and the 700MK has 4300 lux.

I’ve been looking for a high quality LED light source for a while now (and this one is portable with a battery option too!), and so I’m pretty excited about seeing this unit as the specs look very promising.

Lumos 300MK LED lighting

Eric W writes:

Just FYI the whole LED lighting industry is going to be moving away from the raw led array.

The new technology is remote phosphor, which promises higher CRI at a variety of color temps. The LEDs in the unit themselves are all Super-Blue leds, and a phosphor layer in a polycarbonate panel acts as the actual light source. This lets the manufacturer custom-tailor a phosphor cocktail to make specific color temps or applications (like all-green or all-blue for SFX work).

Here is a brief on the tech:

Check out these units:
-Battery powered option
-Better output in the larger fixture

The quality of light from these units is amazing, the phosphor panels actually become the source of light, so its amazingly soft and even. The Cineo has a beam spread of almost 180 degrees. They are on my list to buy next year if I get a longer-form project that is based on interviews.

This is a good video that shows a bit of the quality in comparison to some traditional tungsten lights.

DIGLLOYD: looks like lots of good things coming. But the Lumos 300MK looks like a darn nice light with high CRI available now, so I am still eager to see it, and its specs are terrific on its own too.

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