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Trade-in an old Junker Camera for $300 at B&H Towards Sony A7/A7R

See in-depth review of Sony A7R / Sony A7.

Sony A7

Trade in your old camera for $300 off the Sony A7 or A7R. No apparent requirement for a functioning camera, just any old one will do, like a point and shoot (find one for $10 at perhaps).

Even better, that $300 trade-in can be used in conjunction with the $200 instant rebate on a lens purchased with the A7 or A7R (35/2.8 or 55/1.8 excellent choices).

Further sweetening the deal, B&H has 4% rewards and free shipping. That’s another $67 off on the A7, making the net cost on the A7 (by itself) $1698 - $300 - $67 = $1331 for a full frame camera which has no shutter vibration.

Update: the deal is EVEN BETTER. I submitted my Panasonic LX2 for credit and was given a value of $65 (to be confirmed upon inspection). It turns out that one gets the $300 credit towards Sony PLUS the value of the camera as a store credit. So in my case, $365 total value.

Update 2: B&H sends the promo code for $300 off as soon as the UPS package goes into the shipper’s hands; I had mine the very next morning after handing it to UPS the afternoon before. Confirmed by another reader with the same experience.

See Sony A7/A7R links, then follow the rebate form links from there.

That’s effectively a whopping $500 off, not bad for a 3-month old full-frame system. One does wonder what is driving this crazy camera market (or rather, not driving it).

Moreover, the Fujifilm X system at 16 megapixels and APS-C really does not look good in comparison to the 24-megapixel full-frame Sony A7 except in a currently broader lens selection.

One can think of the Sony A7 as a digital back—for example, have some old Nikon F lenses lying around? Get a Novoflex lens adapter and shoot with an EVF and 24 megapixels. Many old F-mount lenses have very interesting rendering styles. None of that precludes using the Sony / Zeiss autofocus lenses of course.

Note that to avoid the Sony A7R shutter vibration issue particularly for telephoto lenses, my recommendation is to go with the Sony A7 for its electronic first curtain shutter (vibration free) if one contemplates shooting telephoto lenses and/or vertical (portrait) orientation.

B&H response to submitting the trade-in form (partial)
Trading in a Panasonic LX2 point and shoot

Qualified cameras

Apparently the bar is not high on which cameras qualify. Here, Roy P finds a nice return on investment (a ~$14 camera turns into $300 credit). Roy writes:

Attached is the camera I just shipped to B&H Photo.

B&H issues a discount code upon receipt of the used camera.

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