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The Raccoon Ate Our Food, then the Cat

I liked our cat a lot—a purr machine when I scratched her around the head; we had a protocol for how she would approach and how I would scratch her with my toes (I am allergic to cats, so no hands). She liked eating seaweed nori, believe it or not! I will miss her.

It’s upsetting to me, and more so for my daughters to see her gone, and so violently. Fortunately, I am the only one who had to see (and clean up) her remains.

A few days ago, a raccoon entered our house through an open door, going after some corn chips and in general made a mess (we were out for a walk and I was out riding).

The cat somehow got in the way, and we never saw her again. Well, not until today. That damned raccoon had torn her to shreds and eaten her—nothing left behind but a writhing maggot-filled gut file and half a skull with a jawbone. It makes me sad to see a living breathing 'friend' disappear like that. We’ll miss her.

“Yowers”, October 10 2013. RIP July 2 2017

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